Studying Medicine at the University of Rome Sapienza

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The Sapienza University of Rome, known as Sapieza, is a research university in Rome, one of the largest universities in Europe, and one of the oldest universities in the world, having been founded in 1303. It’s ranked as the leading university in Italy and often across South Europe as well. The university often is included in the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings.

Rome Sapienza Overview for Medicine

The Sapienza medical school actually has three main departments: the school of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and the faculty of Medicine and Psychology. The course requires ‘commitment, conscience, love for others, and strong and convicted dedication’ according to the university. It describes these attributes as being vital for acquiring the ability to care for patients, which allows us to see the school as a compassionate one in which a holistic attitude is emphasised.

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The Medicine Course at Rome Sapienza

The course is designed to allow students to understand the full complexity of a disease or disease process – so, not just understand what a disease is, but then understand its context, and how it will affect patients psychologically and socially as well.

Attendance is compulsory at all classes, and – as stated above – the school puts a great emphasis on commitment. Teaching begins with the foundation subjects of chemistry, biology and physics, with attention being paid to ethics and the intricacies of doctor-patient communication as well. Students are expected to be professional and learn how to be professional through both real-world patients and simulated patient scenarios.

Alongside this, students will work in labs to develop their research skills and knowledge of anatomy, and work in the hospital departments of the Policlinico Umberto I and ASL of Latina, as well as various other teaching hospitals. Students are expected to undertake varied training on how to communicate with patients and develop their skills as the course continues.

The course aims to produce medical professions who are ready to practise in Italy and across the EU (and beyond), which means having a sound knowledge of core science, theoretical medical knowledge, and practical and hands-on experience and ability. Graduates should be ready to face complex problems ‘through a holistic approach’ and understand the specific context in which they are operating in, in any given situation. Graduates are ready for the different, varied paths through Medicine.

Tuition Fees at Rome Sapienza

Because Rome Sapienza is a public school, tuition fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This is a tool that assesses candidates’ financial situations and then determines the fees that they will pay, from a minimum of 158 Euros to a maximum of 3500 Euros per year.

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Rome Sapienza: City Overview for Students

Studying in Rome is an amazing opportunity. The largest city in Italy, Rome is packed full of authenticity for those that live there and have the time to get to know the city. However, at first it might be easy to feel like one of the many tourists in the city – students must therefore avoid overpaying for things. As you get used to the city, you’ll find everything that you could want in a university living experience here – from museums to ancient architecture, and from opera to bars. However, the public transport system is famously very poor, with only three subway lines across the entire city – far too few for a city of this size. Additionally, the city is the most expensive in Italy – perhaps tied with Milan – and students will therefore find life more expensive than elsewhere. This is particularly clear when comparing living costs to universities in the South. Expect to pay around 500 euros or more for a room in an apartment, and around 1200-1400 Euros per month for all living expenses – almost double what you might be paying elsewhere in Italy.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Rome Sapienza

There are 38 places available for EU students and 10 available for those from outside the EU. The IMAT scores required for entry are 47.6 for EU students and 53.1 for non-EU students, making Sapienza rare in that its IMAT score is higher for non-EU students than EU students.
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