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The University of Pavia was founded in 1361, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Pavia is a small city about 35km away from Milan. Up until the 20th century, it was the only university in Lombardy – although now it contends with other major universities, notably those in Milan itself. There are a total of 24,000 students at the university, with 1500 of these being international students whose courses are taught in English. There are more than 80 undergraduate programs, more than 42 master’s programs and roughly 20 doctoral programs offered by 18 departments. Pavia has an intensely international outlook with more than 700 Erasmus agreements in place and an additional 400 partnerships with other universities across the world.

Pavia Overview for Medicine

The medical school is ranked between 560 and 570 on the QS Global Rankings in the most recent update. The course is known as the Harvey course and was founded on October 1st 2009 by Prof Ermanno Gherardi, a professor in Molecular Medicine. The course was the first in Italy to be offered entirely in English. Per the university, the course ‘arises from the need for an international medical school in Italy.’ The curriculum was named for William Harvey, a seventeenth century British doctor who made great advances in understanding the human circulatory system.

The curriculum looks to establish a middle ground between the traditional Italian medical school teaching methodology and a more modern outlook with interactive learning. The university seeks to create doctors who are ‘well-rounded’ due to their extensive and varied program, combining academic knowledge and practical training. This practical training combines both clinical work and research labs. In particular, there’s a focus on a ‘practical seminar program’ which is delivered by a range of local and international lecturers who are considered to be at the top of their field, ensuring that students learn from the very best and have a chance to engage with them and further their understanding of Medicine through them.

The course is divided across twelve semesters, and is made up of one long cycle. The average semester is about 12-14 weeks long, and the progression moves from basic science in the first two years to medical and clinical knowledge, and then the addition of healthcare management, ethical and legal aspects of Medicine, etc, as the course continues.

Each course is subdivided into modules, and there are a grand total of 36 different examinations that students must take over the course of the six years. Some courses will also use a continuous assessment method if they continue across multiple terms.

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Tuition Fees at Pavia

As Pavia is a public medical school,  the tuition fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This is an indicator designed to assess a family’s economic status, and permits a range of fees from 158 Euros up to around 3500 Euros per year. What you pay will change depending on your / your family’s economic background.

Pavia: City Overview for Students

Pavia is a mediaeval town, commonly seen as being very architecturally interesting and certainly a beautiful place to study. There’s everything that you could need as a student here, including restaurants, bars, events, carnivals, and concerts. However, some students might feel that the city is too small for them – if so, remember that Milan is very close-by and can be easily accessed if you need. The weather isn’t quite as good as cities further south, and as the city is in the North of the country – and so near Milan – you’ll find it’s quite expensive too. Expect to pay between 600 to 1000 Euros a month, including rent.

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Admissions and IMAT Scores for Pavia

Pavia admits 143 students each year onto its medical course. Of these spaces, 103 are for EU students and 40 are for non-EU students. This makes it one of the larger intakes for English Medicine courses in Italy. It’s quite competitive to get in, with IMAT scores of 46.3 for EU applicants and 49.4 for non-EU applicants respectively.

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