Studying Medicine at the University of Parma

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The University of Parma is an ancient institution, founded in 1117. It’s a non-profit (public) institution in Parma, which has around 200,000 inhabitants and is located in Emilia-Romagna. The university is one of the larger universities in Italy, with more than 25,000 students enrolled in total across all departments.

Parma Overview for Medicine

The University of Parma can trace its lineage back to the Palatine School of 781 AD, and then to Parma being a ‘seat of learning’ since the 11th century. It was seen favourably by Napoleon, and has been at the forefront of Italy’s many universities since its foundation. The medical school offering an English language course is a new development – the course is actually offered in Piacenza, which in turn is benefiting from a brand new hospital specifically for this medical school.

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Course Overview at Parma

Per the University of Parma, the new Medicine and Surgery course will be held entirely in English and is designed to further the university’s ambitions of being a European centre for excellence, allowing students to learn in a way that will encourage them to become truly international doctors. Students will focus on the entire process of treatment from health promotion and illness prevention through to diagnosis, treatment and palliation, and a broad range of topics will cover everything from health economics through to medical technology. The course is designed to focus on international healthcare issues rather than focus solely on Italy, and the use of English is expected to allow students from all over the world to communicate with one another, and allow for communication with a wide range of colleagues and patients. The program is one single cycle, over the course of six years. There are two teaching semesters each year, with one beginning in October and one beginning in March. A total of 360 credits must be attained.

The first year covers the following credits:
57 CFU

  • Physico-chemical bases of life – 8 CFU
  • Cells & tissues – 9 CFU
  • Statistics, research methodology & safety regulation – 5 CFU
  • Molecular biology, genetics & genomics – 6 CFU
  • Elective courses – 2 CFU
  • Biochemistry – 12 CFU
  • Human anatomy & organogenesis – 12 CFU
  • Elective courses – 3 CFU

The second year covers the following:
62 CFU

  • Human physiology – 12 CFU
  • Immunology & microbiology – 13 CFU
  • Medical humanities – 6 CFU
  • Disease pathophysiology – 8 CFU
  • Clinical microbiology & infectious diseases – 8 CFU
  • Pharmacology – 9 CFU
  • Biomedical research clerkship – 6 CFU


For comparison, the final year covers:
60 CFU

  • Medicine & surgery clerkship 3 (Clinical rotation 3) – 27 CFU
  • Thesis – 3 CFU
  • 15 CFU in:
    • Licensing internship in internal medicine
    • Licensing internship in surgery
    • Licensing internship in community medicine

Thesis – 15 CFU

Tuition Fees at Parma

The University of Parma is a public medical school, which means that its fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This tool assesses a family’s economic status, and allows for a range of fees from 158 Euros as a minimum up to around 3500 Euros as a maximum per year. What you pay will depend on your family’s economic situation.

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Parma: City Overview for Students

Parma is a great city for students, small enough to be easily travelled around. Most students will get a bike so that they can cycle. The city is known as being particularly beautiful, with a river splitting the two parts of the city. There’s a great range of bars and restaurants, and local food is excellent. The local area includes both plains and hills, with the sea only an hour away. In terms of affordability, the city is less affordable than some of the Southern Italian cities but much better than Milan or Rome, for example, with rooms in flats being around 250-500 Euros per month and total student budgets around 800 Euros per month.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Parma

The university has 60 spaces available for EU students and 40 for non-EU students. The IMAT scores required are 44.5 for EU students versus 35.5 for non-EU students.
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