Studying Medicine at the University of Padova

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The University of Padova, or Padua, is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1222 in the Venetian republic to advocate for academic freedom. Many famous historical figures are associated with the university, including Galileo, who taught at the university from 1592 to 1610. The University is seen as a leader in research and is seen as having some of the highest quality research in Italy, as well as being in the top 10% of universities across the EU for cited journal articles.

Padova Overview for Medicine

The medical school was ranked as the best in Italy and the 45th best in Europe in 2020. In the QS World University Rankings the school was ranked 6th in Italy and 234th amongst the world’s universities. There are around 60,000 students enrolled, and the city is very much built around the university, with different departments spread around and with students making up a third of the entire population. There are 2200 academic staff across all departments.

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Course Overview at Padova

In more than 750 years since the foundation of the university, many famous doctors have attended the medical school, including Vesalius, the Flemish anatomist, and William Harvey who discovered the system of blood circulation. The degree is centred around a holistic approach to Medicine and to the teaching of Medicine, with a particular focus on health promotion, preventive Medicine and global health. The school is particularly focused on seeing Medicine in a global context, especially given the number of international students at the university.

The course is taught in an integrated manner, with students expected to participate actively in their learning. There is a focus on clinical knowledge and clinical skills from the outset of the course, which ensures that students are prepared for more hands-on work, rather than a sudden shift from academic learning to clinica work.

Per the university, the the degree is taught in one single cycle, and is designed to ‘train competent doctors, able to practice modern medicine in clinical and biomedical fields.’ There’s a focus on the disease process from prevention through to diagnosis through to treatment, and the school ensures that students are prepared for complex and dangerous cases.

Teaching methods are based on integrated learning methods as used across the UK and US, amongst other countries, and the gradual involvement of the student in the clinical process is emphasised through the use of PBL (Problem Based Learning) rather than lectures in the tuition of the student from the outset. You’ll be expected to have an empathetic and holistic approach to patients, to see them as human beings, and to focus on health promotion in particular.

You’ll learn in English and interact with English speaking patients – who may be of a range of different nationalities. You’ll be expected to use a wide range of different learning tools, including databases, webinars, tutorials, conferences, courses, etc. You will be able to undertake research whilst studying, and will also be able to undertake work experience abroad if desired. The university encourages its students to seek extra learning or clinica opportunities both within Europe and outside it – especially given the many doorways opened through practising Medicine in English and being used to conversing with patients in English.

Tuition Fees at Padova

As The University of Padova is a public medical school, its fees are calculated according to something called the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This is a method used to assess a family’s economic status. The fee will range from 158 – 3500 Euros per year, and will depend on your personal economic situation.

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Padova: City Overview for Students

Padova is a city centred around its students, so they report feeling safe and at-home while studying and living here. There’s plenty to see and do, including more than 20 museums, and Europe’s first botanical garden. With 60,000 other students there are plenty of people to meet, societies, and restaurants and bars for socialising. As it’s in Northern Italy the school is a little more expensive than some, but a student can still live for around 800 Euros per month, including rent.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Padova

The university has 56 spaces for EU students and 20 for non-EU students. IMAT scores are 47 for EU students and 46.6 for non-EU students.
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