Studying Medicine at the University of Naples Federico II

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The University of Naples Federico II is the principal university of Naples, and the third largest in Italy. It was founded in 1224 by Federico II Swabia, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Thomas Aquinas studied at the university, amongst other famous alumni.

Naples Federico II Overview for Medicine

The university is ranked within the top 200 in the world by QS University Rankings. There are a total of 78,000 students across all courses, and more than 5500 academic staff. The university is seen as one of the best in the country for research, which helps it to maintain its high ranking.

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Course Overview at Naples Federico II

Expect small class sizes at this university, allowing for greater interaction between students and professors. The university is focused on producing doctors who are ready to work alongside other health professionals and work independently upon graduating, through the use of a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in teaching and learning.

Exams are held across three different periods – Winter exams take place from January to March, then Summer exams take place in June and July, with ‘Extraordinary’ exams taking place in September and October – which is considered the last exam period of a given academic year, with the year running from October through to May for teaching.

Interestingly, the school allows its students to take exams in any order they want, without there being prerequisites. For example, you could take a fifth year exam like radiology, if you feel that you have the necessary knowledge, without first having passed the core anatomy exams. This could allow students much more independence in their learning than might be possible at other medical schools. Exams consist of both written and oral components. A typical exam might have a first set of written short-answer or multiple choice questions, which when passed will allow you to then undertake the second part – the oral. Here, you will be quizzed by a member of the teaching staff on your knowledge of the topic. Oral exams are used across different courses, rather than being reserved only for clinical examinations. Exams can be taken as many times as a student requires in order to pass.

The university’s hospitals are in an area known as the Policlinico, which is a dedicated part of the city with its own Metro stop. You’ll come to know this area well if you study here, with teaching taking place across the area depending on the area of Medicine being studied.

Tuition Fees at Naples Federico II

Naples Federico II is a public university, which means that fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This is a tool for evaluating a family’s economic status. The fee will range from 158 – 3500 Euros per year depending on your specific economic situation.

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Naples: City Overview for Students

The Federico II campus is large and students will be used to moving around both the wider university and the area specifically used for Medicine. You’ll be able to take the metro from Policlinico on Line 1 to elsewhere in the city. Living in Naples is an exciting prospect for students, with the city being the third largest in Italy and one of the most famous cities in the country for tourists. As it’s in the South, the city is warm and the people are known for being warm too – expect hot summers and relatively mild winters. Tourists flock to the city for access to Mount Vesuvius and the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. The city is affordable for students, costing the average student around 600 Euros a month. A room in a flat can be rented for only around 300 – 400 Euros per month, although the demand for accommodation is high.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Naples Federico II

This school is rare in that it offers more spots to those from outside the EU than within it – 15 spaces for EU students vs 25 for those outside the EU. The IMAT scores required for entry are 50.5 for EU students and 41.4 for non-EU students.
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