Studying Medicine at the University of Milan

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The Medical School of the University of Milan was established in 1924. Since then, the school has gone from strength to strength.

Milan Medical School: Overview

This medical school is arguably the best in Italy. It’s ranked 137th in the world, and has a reputation for producing excellent clinicians. The school emphasises the importance of clinical exposure and research experience for all of its graduates, which creates very well-rounded doctors.

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Medical Course Overview at Milan

Milan is generally set apart from other Italian medical schools through its focus on newer teaching methods like case-based learning (or problem-based learning). Don’t expect to have lectures as the basis of your learning. The course consists of 360 credits, divided over six years. At least 60 of the credits must be obtained through clinical and professional skills. The university carefully breaks down what it expects of graduate students, including the following:
– to have acquired a high degree of professional awareness, and be able to work alone safely, being aware of the depth and complexity of human problems and disease
– have the theoretical knowledge from learning basic sciences and then to be able to apply this knowledge in professional life
– have sufficient knowledge of physiology and pathology, and to be able to interpret them in the context of basic scientific knowledge and from a clinical perspective
– to be able to seek and understand the right data on an individual’s case and their state of health
– have experience of, and therefore be able to solve, major health problems across the entire path from preventive through to diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative
– be aware of the link between scientific research and clinical practice
– be aware of the history of Medicine, medical Ethics, and the philosophies that underlie Medicine
– be able to communicate well with patients and their relatives and show humanity
– be able to work with other healthcare professionals in each of the tasks that you undertake
– be able to factor in health economics into medical decisions, and be able to recognise health problems in the community

The course is one single-cycle over six years, which differentiates this school from others in the country that choose to divide their program up into separate parts.

Tuition Fees at Milan

Milan is a public university, which means that all students must pay a variable fee depending on their economic situation. This is decided through the ISEE University value. No student will pay more than 4000 Euros in a year, making this course exceptional value for money given the prestige of the medical school.

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Milan: City Overview for Students

Milan is a city with many students, and the second largest city in Italy. It’s home to this university, the Bocconi, and the Brera Academy. Generally, students will try and live near the universities, with Navigli and Porta Genova being popular districts for students. Porta Romana is seen as a safe area in which to live with a good selection of restaurants and bars to enjoy as well, with Lambrate also known as a favourite neighbourhood of students. Milan is a truly international city, which means you can get elsewhere in the EU with ease – allowing you to explore the continent from your new home city. With the city popular amongst tourists, and with many world famous events happening each year, this is a particularly vibrant and energetic part of Italy to choose to study in.

In general the city is seen as being faster and a little less relaxed in lifestyle than Southern Italian cities in particular.

In terms of affordability, Milan is roughly the same as Rome, at the very most expensive end of the scale for Italy. Expect to pay between 900 – 1400 Euros a month for your living expenses, although this does include rent.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Milan

Milan has the highest IMAT scores required of any medical school in Italy, expecting 51.5 for both EU and non-EU students. There are 45 places available for EU students and 25 for those from outside the EU.
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