Studying Medicine at the University of Messina

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The University of Messina’s medical school is highly regarded within Italy, and very much focused on developing doctors with the clinical skills necessary to excel in future. The medical school was established in 1548, making it one of the oldest in Italy, and indeed in the world.

Messina University Overview for Medicine

The university offers a single cycle course over six years, and is ranked in the top 1000 medical schools in the world. It currently ranks in the 801-1000 range in the QS World University Rankings, and is also among the top 500 universities for research quality. It’s ranked 27th in Italy.

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Course Overview at Messina

The University of Messina’s medical school is centred around the G Martino University Hospital in the centre of the city. Students are expected to combine theoretical work with clinical and caring work throughout the course.

The first year of the program will allow students to get to grips with the core sciences that underpin Medicine. That means that you’ll learn physics, cellular biology, molecular biology, and about the systems of the body and how they function. You’ll also have your first experience of clinical Medicine through a course designed to introduce the subject. The university describes the process through the first two years as a ‘harmonious and progressive acquisition of knowledge provided by basic sciences.’ After this period comes the ‘acquisition of clinical skills through the study of relevant disciplines’ and eventually the thesis.

Students are able to take an elective to study a particular field of interest to them.

Messina relies heavily on oral testing as part of their examination method. Students are expected to take both written exams and oral tests, and the orals are used for both the testing of scientific knowledge and clinical ability and knowledge.

The university is aware that students will fare much better if their Italian skills develop, and therefore supports its students through allowing them to take Italian language classes and courses. The courses will start at the beginning of the course, in Year 1, and continue throughout the program. The goal is that medical student-patient relationships are improved and students can both learn more and help patients to a greater degree.

Tuition Fees at Messina

Given that Messina is a public university, fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator), which assesses a family’s economic status. Fees therefore range from 158 – 3500 Euros per year depending on a student’s specific financial situation.

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Messina: City Overview for Students

Messina is a medium to large-sized city for Italy, with more than 200,000 inhabitants. The city’s in the South of the country, in Sicily, which means a warm climate and culture. It can get very hot in the summer, but winters are therefore relatively mild. The city’s accessible to students, who have special cards for the buses and trams that are the easiest mode of transportation here.

In terms of culture, the city is well-known for both its food and nightlife (the latter of which perhaps being less of a concern for medical students as they work through the more difficult parts of the degree). The food is heavily reliant on the sea being so close to the city, and you should expect seafood and traditional Italian fare. The old town is full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy an afternoon or evening, and the Cathedral is a reputed centre for classical music.

In terms of affordability, the city ranks very highly, as the South of Italy is generally much cheaper than the North – and you can’t get much further South than Messina. You should expect to pay around 600-700 Euros a month, and you’re able to rent an entire one bedroom apartment to yourself for just 400-500 Euros if you choose to go without flatmates.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Messina

Messina is not as competitive as you might expect for such an ancient institution, with IMAT scores of 43 for EU students and 34 for non-EU students required respectively. There are 45 places available each year for EU students and 38 for those from outside the EU.
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