Studying Medicine at the University of Campania

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The University of Campania is the ‘second university’ of Naples, and divides its 16 different faculties across a range of areas from the city through to the surrounding area.

Campania University Overview for Medicine

The University prides itself on supporting high quality research and making the city of Naples more international. It looks to foster relationships with other universities and thus have ongoing exchange programs with them. The school puts in a lot of effort for its international students, even going as far as to have a dedicated app for international students so that they can easily meet others and make friends, and a buddy system for all new arrivals to help them find their feet.

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Course Overview at Campania

Campania has a single-cycle course, which differentiates it to many in Italy – like Bologna for example – that divide their course into two or even three separate parts. Therefore the course will take you from the basic fundamentals through to the clinical knowledge that you’ll need as a doctor in one continuous track. The program has a modern outlook, looking to train medical professionals who are aware of the importance of the interdisciplinary team, have holistic outlook on patient care, and have been trained through an integrated model that allows them to understand disease in context. Students are encouraged to be independent to prepare them for their future career.

There are a total of 360 credits over the course of the six years, with 60 of these being awarded for the development of particular professional and clinical skills. The first three years are a preclinical period, with the main focus being on core sciences at the outset and then the development of biological knowledge and knowledge of human physiology, pathology, and treatments coming later. The second half of the course focuses on the development of the student as a clinician and a professional.

In total there are 12 semesters, made up of 36 courses. There are a mixture of activities from the beginning of the course, with more clinical experience in the first three years than you might find at certain other Italian universities (i.e. there is an effort made to ensure that students interact with patients in the first three years, rather than simply learning academic knowledge).

The university provides students with credits to prepare for the final exam, and allows students credits to prepare for their diploma thesis as well.

Due to the university’s emphasis on internationalisation, the course will offer you the chance to study abroad and undertake internships abroad. This could mean you studying elsewhere in Europe for a period, returning home, or even studying for a time outside of Europe in a new country.

Tuition Fees at Campania

As this is a public university, fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator) which is a way of evaluating a family’s economic status. The fee will range from 158 – 3500 Euros per year depending on your situation.

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Campania: City Overview for Students

Campania’s students will live in Naples – Italy’s third largest city and one of its most iconic. The city is in the South of the country, near Mount Vesuvius, the infamous volcano. It’s a city of many faces that will be appealing for students looking for an authentic Italian experience and the chance to surround themselves in Italian culture – and its warm climate year-round is an attraction as well. In terms of affordability, the city is relatively cheap compared to the cities of the North, with the average student spending around 600 Euros a month, with rent for a flat typically in the region of 300-400 Euros. Be aware that the demand for accommodation in the city is quite high, so it’s advised to find somewhere as soon as you can if you are accepted into the university.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Campania

The University of Campania is less competitive than some of the Italian medical schools, requiring IMAT scores of 44 from EU students and 34 from non-EU students in order to gain entry. There are 50 places available to EU students and 40 available to non-EU students each year.
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