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Stony Brook University Dentistry Key Information

Stony Brook aims to foster a humanistic environment of mutual respect and trust with their teaching, learning, and delivery of patient care. They emphasise evidence based dentistry, consider themselves leaders of innovation, and embrace accountability and diversity. They require applicants to demonstrate academic achievement, competence in the sciences, and a general interest in the dental profession.

Interviews now conducted virtually. There is also a virtual information evening through Zoom.

Stony Brook University Dentistry Key Application & Interview Statistics

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Stony Brook University Dentistry Past Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Dentistry

  • What have you seen that has made you view dentistry in a more negative light?
  • What got you interested in dentistry?
  • If I gave you two million dollars to do research on anything, what topic in dentistry would you choose and why?
  • Explain how a root canal is done.
  • What is the single most interesting thing you’ve learned while shadowing/assisting?
  • What would you do if you did not get accepted to any dental school?
  • What do you like most and least about your father’s practice?
  • Have you shadowed dentists?
  • What do you think the government should do in regards to dentistry?
  • Do you read dental journals?
  • What do you know about dental insurance?
  • How do you know you want to be a dentist?
  • What are your plans for your future career in dentistry?
  • Tell me one thing good/bad that you have encountered through your work experience.
  • How, when and where have you shadowed dentists?
  • What difficulties are facing dentistry today?
  • What would make you a good dentist?
  • What are the problems facing dentistry today?
  • Are you set on general, or would you consider a specialty/academics?
  • Why dentistry rather than medicine?
  • Are your family dentists? Why not go to the same university as them?
  • What would you change about the dental practice where you shadow?
  • What’s the government doing at the moment with regards to healthcare?
  • Describe your experiences in applying for dental school.
  • What are your strengths? Also, what aspect of yourself do you want to improve?
  • Tell me about your research? What journal are you planning to submit it to?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Why not any other health profession?
  • Tell me how your research caused you to come to dentistry as a career.
  • What do you like about our school now that you’ve seen it?
  • How did you decide on dentistry?
  • How are you sure you want to be a dentist?
  • Why Stonybrook?
  • Are you interested in a career in academia?
  • Talk to us in detail about your research in biochem and biology.
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Do you like statistics? How are they important to Dentistry?
  • Why Stonybrook over your state school?
  • If  you went to Stony Brook Undergrad, why have you never stepped into the Dental School building?
  • Tell me about your research experience.
  • What do you think of the current healthcare debate in Washington? How do you think this will change dentistry?
  • Tell us about the Medicare bill.

Manual Dexterity

  • Can you play bluegrass guitar?
  • Explain how your skills in music and art are relevant to dentistry.

​Ethical Scenarios

  • How would you handle uninsured patients?
  • If you had a poor person come into your office, who was in pain, would you treat him/her for free since they had no money?
  • If you had a poor person come into your office and they wanted cosmetic surgery done, would you treat him/her?
  • Let’s say you just got into dental school, oral care just became a part of the medicare program, and dentists now make $20,000, what would you do?

Communication Stations

  • What are your leadership experiences?
  • As a dentist, you need to put on a “face” depending on who you are talking to (a child, an adult, the elderly, the poor, etc), tell me how you would do that effectively.

Stony Brook University Dentistry Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to study Dentistry at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine?

I am driven to study at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine because of its reputation for integrating a rigorous biomedical education with extensive clinical experiences. I’m particularly attracted to the small class size and the collaborative learning environment. Stony Brook’s commitment to producing dentists who are not only skilled clinicians but also culturally sensitive to diverse patient needs resonates deeply with my own values. The emphasis on preparing students for the multifaceted roles in dentistry, from clinicians to community health advocates, aligns with my aspiration to be a well-rounded dental professional.

What do you know about the Dentistry course structure at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine?

The dentistry course structure at Stony Brook appeals to me because of its well-rounded approach to dental education. The School of Dental Medicine offers a distinctive blend of integrated biomedical education with clinical experiences, all within a small class setting. Participating in the School of Medicine’s LEARN curriculum in the first year, which focuses on being learning-focused, experiential, adaptive, rigorous, and novel, is particularly exciting to me. This approach to learning is important as it prepares students for real-world scenarios and equips them with the necessary skills to excel in various dental specialties.

Discuss the significance of clinical experience in Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine's dental curriculum.

The clinical experience at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine is significant to me because it provides early and extensive hands-on patient care opportunities. The fact that students start seeing patients during their first year and continue to gain practical experience throughout their studies is crucial. This is important to me as it ensures that by the time I graduate, I will have the confidence and competence to begin practicing dentistry immediately. Stony Brook’s approach to clinical training aligns with my goal of becoming a proficient and patient-focused dentist.

What opportunities for community service does Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine provide to its dental students?

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine’s commitment to community service is one of the key reasons I am eager to join their program. The opportunities provided to engage in community outreach and service learning are vital to me as they align with my passion for community health and my belief in the importance of dentists playing an active role in public health. This focus on community service is important to me because it allows for the application of dental skills in diverse settings and contributes to my professional and personal growth as a healthcare provider.

How does Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine's vision and mission shape its educational approach in dental medicine?

Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine’s vision and mission resonate with me as they emphasize producing not just skilled clinicians but also culturally sensitive and ethically responsible dental practitioners. Their educational approach, which fosters scientific knowledge and clinical skills alongside professional conduct and continuous self-improvement, aligns with my personal educational goals. This approach is important to me because it prepares me to be a well-rounded dental professional capable of adapting to the evolving landscape of oral healthcare and effectively serving patients from varied backgrounds.

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