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Overall Guide to St Mary’s Ascot

St Mary’s Ascot traces its roots back to St Mary’s School, which opened with 19 pupils in 1885, under Sister Veronica Lund. It was named after Our Lady of the Snows, drawing upon Mary Ward’s work and opened by Mother M Joseph Edwards. More recent changes have seen Mrs Mary Breen become the school’s first lay headmistress, and her handing over to Mrs Danuta Staunton in 2019. The school had by this point grown to 390 pupils, which is its current size. It’s recently seen an expansion, with a new theatre, libraries, sports centre, athletics track and a new Sixth Form boarding complex, which was finished in June 2018. Despite the changes, the school has remained true to the vision set out by Mary Ward – educating girls within a catholic community.

Currently 56% of pupils at the school have music lessons, and many also take dance classes. Extracurriculars are seen as hugely important, and there are numerous student run societies and sports clubs. These range from cookery to astronomy, and there’s also the chance to get involved in helping local people in need, with visits to care homes – or even expeditions to maintain footpaths. Additionally, the school has a Diversity Discussion Group that seeks to increase awareness of other cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

Of the 390 girls, 375 board and 15 are day girls. Fees are £13,380 per term for boarders or £9530 for the few day girls.

St Mary’s Ascot Ranking & Results

Results here are exceptional, with 98% of GCSEs graded 7-9 and 87% of A Levels graded A* or A in the most recent data, 2020. 16% of pupils went on to Oxbridge in that same year.

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St Mary’s Ascot Curriculum

In the GCSE years, all girls at St Mary’s will follow a core of seven subjects, ensuring a ‘balanced education and secure foundation.’ These are: English Language, English Literature, a modern foreign language, Mathematics, Double Award Science and Religious Studies. Additionally, they can choose an extra subject from art and design, classical civilisation, classical Greek, computer science, drama, geography, German, history, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, music, Spanish, or Triple Award Science.

At A Level, girls are advised to take four subjects in the Lower Sixth and then to take three into the Upper Sixth. Those taking Further Mathematics or a foreign language that they are fluent in (e.g. bilingual) will take five subjects and then drop to four.

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What is the admission process at St Mary’s Ascot?

St Mary’s Ascot’s entrance exams take place in January or February of the year of entry. Exams for 11+ students consist of an English paper, a Mathematics paper, and a general paper. The general paper can include spelling, non-verbal puzzles or listening skills components. Additionally, all girls will have an interview with either the Headmistress or one of the Deputy Headmistresses.

What kind of questions are asked at interview at St Mary’s Ascot?

Religious Views
Do you think that religion is important today?

Personal Qualities
Are you a good leader?
How do you deal with conflict?
Do you find it easy to work with others?
What do you think your teachers would say that your greatest strength is?
What do you think your teachers would say that your greatest weakness is?
How would your friends describe you in one adjective?

What are you most excited about when you consider studying here at St Mary’s?
What do you think life boarding here will be like?
How do you think you will be able to give to the school community here at St Mary’s Ascot?
What do you most like about your current school? Do you think that you will find that here as well?

If you had to have dinner with someone from history, who would you pick?
If you could learn more about anything, what would you choose?
Who do you look up to?

Current Affairs
What do you know about COVID-19? Do you think the government dealt with it well?
Tell me about a particular issue in the news that you are particularly interested in. How would you try to help with it or become involved in it, in the future?
What do you know about the government in the UK?

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