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The St. John’s University School of Law, located in Queens, New York, offers a rich, comprehensive law program that prides itself on a close-knit community, and superior teaching. The program’s unique features revolve around its unwavering commitment to practical learning, diverse range of specialised areas of study, and opportunities for experiential learning. Students have access to eleven areas of concentration, including Corporate and Securities Law, International and Comparative Law, and Bankruptcy Law. They can also gain practical experience through extensive clinical programs, with options ranging from Child Advocacy to Securities Arbitration. St. John’s Law School excels in preparing students for the real-world demands of legal practice, particularly in its emphasis on public service and pro bono work. Its Public Interest Center offers students numerous opportunities to gain legal experience while serving the underserved and marginalised communities. The school leverages its prime location in New York City to offer students exceptional access to internships, externships, and post-graduate job opportunities. These distinctive features make St. John’s a stand-out choice for law students seeking a comprehensive and hands-on legal education.

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41.9% acceptance rate.

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Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
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St John's University Law Interview Details

You should expect a video interview that focuses on motivation for law, career goals, understanding of law, ‘tell me about yourself’ and challenges that you have faced in the past.

Previous Questions for St John's University Law Interviews

Motivation for Law
Why have you chosen to pursue law as your career?
What initially sparked your interest in the legal field?
Can you mention an event or person in your life that influenced your decision to study law?
How do you believe your experience or background has prepared you for a career in law?
What aspect of law are you most passionate about and why?
What do you hope to accomplish with your law degree from St. John’s University?
Can you explain how your personal values align with the principles of law?
If you had to choose a law reform that needs to be enacted, what would it be and why?
How do you think your unique perspective will contribute to the legal field?
How would pursuing a law degree align with your long-term goals?
In what ways do you believe your law degree from St. John’s will impact your community?

Career Goals
Where do you see yourself five years after completing your law degree from St. John’s?
What legal area do you wish to specialise in and why?
Do you aspire to work in a large corporate law firm, a small practice, public interest law, or another area of the legal field? Why?
What are some of the key experiences or skills you hope to gain from St. John’s law program to aid in your career?
How would you use your law degree to make a significant impact in your chosen field of law?
Do you have any aspirations to take on leadership roles in your future law career?
What steps do you plan to take to reach your long-term career goals in law?
How does St. John’s law program fit into your career plans?

Understanding of Law
How do you think the law can be used as a tool for social change?
What do you believe are some of the biggest challenges facing the legal profession today?
Can you discuss a recent legal case that interested you and why?
How does your understanding of law relate to our daily lives?

‘Tell Me About Yourself’
Can you tell us about an accomplishment that you are most proud of and what it says about you?
How would your friends describe you and why?
What is something unique about you that isn’t on your resume or application?
What are your hobbies or interests outside of law and how do they enhance your professional abilities?

Challenges You Have Faced in the Past
Can you describe a challenging situation that you’ve faced and how you handled it?
How do you approach obstacles and what strategies do you use to overcome them?
Can you share an example of a time you faced a moral or ethical dilemma? How did you resolve it?
What is the most difficult feedback you’ve received, and how did you respond to it?
Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision. What factors did you consider, and what was the outcome?

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