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University Overview

Established in 1752, St George’s, University of London is renowned as the UK’s specialist health university. It shares its campus with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, offering a unique learning environment at the clinical frontline. SGUL is committed to providing cutting-edge education in healthcare disciplines, fostering multidisciplinary collaboration, and preparing students to excel in their professional careers.

The BSc Physiotherapy program at SGUL is accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), ensuring graduates are eligible for professional practice registration.

Admissions and Interview Information

SGUL uses Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) as part of its admissions process for the BSc Physiotherapy program. MMIs consist of six interview questions, each lasting around four minutes. Interviewees rotate through different stations, where they may be asked to answer questions, complete practical tasks, or engage in role plays.

This innovative approach allows interviewers to assess candidates’ suitability for physiotherapy practice based on a range of criteria, including empathy, respect, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. Each question is marked separately and independently, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation of each candidate’s strengths and qualities as a prospective healthcare professional.

The MMI format aligns with SGUL’s commitment to selecting candidates who demonstrate not only academic aptitude but also the essential qualities and attributes required for success in physiotherapy practice. By providing a diverse and dynamic assessment process, SGUL aims to identify candidates who possess the necessary skills and characteristics to excel in the demanding and rewarding field of physiotherapy. Candidates who embody the values and qualities essential for effective healthcare practice in diverse clinical environments. An MMI will require you to cover various question types, so preparation with a question bank is recommended.

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St George's University of London Physiotherapy

Q1: How do you perceive the role of physiotherapy in promoting health and wellbeing, and why have you chosen St George's, University of London for your studies?

Answer: “I view physiotherapy as a holistic approach to improving health and wellbeing by addressing physical and psychological aspects of patient care. St George’s, University of London stood out to me due to its strong emphasis on practical learning and its unique partnership with St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The opportunity to gain hands-on experience in diverse clinical settings and learn from experts at the clinical frontline aligns with my career aspirations and commitment to becoming a proficient physiotherapist.”

Q2: How do you plan to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience during your studies at SGUL?

Answer: “I intend to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience by actively engaging in both academic coursework and clinical placements offered by St George’s, University of London. By applying theoretical concepts to real-life clinical scenarios and reflecting on my experiences in practice, I aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of physiotherapy principles and enhance my clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.”

Q3: Can you describe a situation where you demonstrated effective communication and interpersonal skills in a healthcare or community setting?

Answer: “During my volunteer work at a local healthcare clinic, I encountered a patient who was hesitant about undergoing physiotherapy treatment due to fear and anxiety. By actively listening to their concerns, providing empathetic support, and explaining the benefits of treatment in a clear and reassuring manner, I was able to establish trust and rapport with the patient, ultimately facilitating their engagement in the rehabilitation process.”

Q4: How do you envision applying the values of empathy, respect, and professionalism to your interactions with patients, colleagues, and the wider healthcare community?

Answer: “I believe empathy, respect, and professionalism are fundamental values in physiotherapy practice. By treating each patient with compassion and dignity, collaborating effectively with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, and upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity, I aim to contribute positively to patient care and foster a supportive and inclusive healthcare environment.”

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Example Questions for Physiotherapy at St George’s University of London

Motivation and Career Aspirations

  • What inspired you to pursue a career in physiotherapy, and how do you envision contributing to the field in the future?
  • Can you discuss a specific experience or event that solidified your decision to study physiotherapy at St George’s, University of London?

Integration of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

    • How do you plan to apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to practical situations during your clinical placements at SGUL?
    • Can you provide an example of how you would approach a clinical scenario integrating both theoretical knowledge and practical skills?

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

    • Describe a situation where you effectively communicated with a patient to facilitate their understanding of a complex physiotherapy treatment plan.
    • How do you plan to further enhance your communication and interpersonal skills to build rapport with patients and colleagues at SGUL?

Application of Values and Professionalism

    • Reflecting on your past experiences, can you share an instance where you demonstrated professionalism and adherence to ethical standards in a healthcare or community setting?
    • How would you approach a situation where your personal values may conflict with professional responsibilities as a physiotherapy student at SGUL?

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

    • Describe a challenging clinical scenario you anticipate encountering during your studies at SGUL, and how you would approach resolving it.
    • Can you discuss a time when you had to think critically and adapt quickly to overcome a problem or obstacle in a healthcare-related setting?
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