Special UCAS Assessments

An increasing proportion of universities and courses require their applicants to undergo special aptitude tests in order to identify the strongest candidates. We recognise the importance of these tests to the university admissions process and thus offer specialist tuition and intensive assistance to help our students succeed in these increasingly important examinations.

The BMAT exam is comprised of three sections to be completed in two hours:

  • Section 1 –Aptitude and Skills: 35 MCQs, 60 Minutes, Maximum Score: 9.0
  • Section 2 –Scientific Knowledge and Applications: 27 MCQs, 30 Minutes, Maximum Score: 9.0
  • Section 3 –Writing Task: 1 Essay out of a choice of 3, Maximum Score: 5A

The BMAT examination is unlike any which students would have faced to date. It requires extensive preparation and specialist training. At BlackStone Tutors, we have a large data-bank of past papers and resources for Sections 1 and 2, in order to better equip our students. Furthermore, our tutors offer explanations for the past paper answers which ensure students have a better all-round understanding so that they are not deceived by marginally adapted questions in their examinations. Section 3 often proves the most difficult for students, with the emphasis being on balanced arguments and reasoned thought rather than knowledge of scientific facts. Our tutors offer specific guidance and tips on exam technique including how to formulate a well structured and balanced essay as well as how to decide which points are most pertinent to include and how best to order these points. 

  1. Experience – At BlackStone Tutors, our Intensive BMAT Courses are conducted by our Medicine Application Specialists*. These highly experienced Oxbridge or Imperial College London medical students have not only successfully completed the BMAT examination, but also have substantial experience preparing students for this vitally important examination (further details below)
  2. Quality – As part of our ethos, we are committed to ensuring that we provide only the very best tuition experience. As such, our resources are carefully tailored and of the highest quality. Rather than providing students with unnecessary, frivolous content, we provide course attendees with invaluable advice and tips for each section, practice questions, mini-mock examinations to practice at home as well as an unparalleled selection of BMAT Section three answer plans.
  3. Small groups – In order to maximise student participation and benefit, all intensive courses are classroom-based. The small groups combined with our interactive teaching style, not only assists students to digest new concepts but also provides a unique introduction into the PBL (Problem Based Learning) educational approach, used by numerous Medicine and Veterinary universities.
  4. Location – Our Intensive BMAT Courses provide students with an excellent opportunity to visit one of the very best Medicine universities in the world. Furthermore, our location is easily accessible for students throughout the United Kingdom and further afield. 
  5. World-renowned – BlackStone Tutors BMAT courses have assisted innumerous students worldwide in countries ranging from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. 

*All Intensive Courses are conducted by our highly trained Medicine Application Specialists:

  • Current medical students/ Medicine graduates from one of the prestigious ‘Top 10 Medical Schools in the World’.
  • Achieved between two and four UCAS Medicine offers.
  • International UCAS Medicine Application experience.
  • Most importantly, committed to helping you achieve and exceed your potential.

London-based Intensive BMAT courses are conducted at King’s College London (Waterloo Capmus) and run from 10:00 – 16:30 at a cost of £150 per student.

Singapore-based Intensive BMAT courses are conducted at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and run from 10:00 – 17:30 with lunch provided at a cost of $850 SGD per student. 

For further details email  info@blackstonetutors.com or to book your place click here

BMAT Testimonials:
‘The course was excellent, really well organised. Husain and the rest of the facilitators were great on the day and very helpful after the event as well. Thanks for marking all my practice essays!’
Thomas Colsaerts

‘Definitely the best tutors in London. Went to both the UKCAT and BMAT courses, and have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Also went to the coma bmat course where the teaching was in much larger groups. The only downside of the Blackstone course was having to travel two hours each way from Birmingham to London – well worth it in the end. Thanks for everything.’
Anisha Mehta

The UCAT examination assesses an individual’s aptitude, focusing on the rational and cognitive powers of students. As such, it is often described as an exam which “cannot be revised for”. Additionally, with questions not having a scientific focus, prospective medicine and dentistry students often find it a challenging and frustrating examination. However, as has been proven by our past success, taking students through past paper questions and providing them with reasoning of the answers has significantly improved the scores of our students. Moreover, our tutors aim to best prepare students so that they can more effectively manage their time in the examination, a vital component to succeed, and one which is often overlooked. 

About ‘Intensive UCAT Tuition’

  1. Experience – Benefit from the invaluable experience and insight of our specialist UCAT tutors.
  2. Bespoke – Maximise benefit by specifying which topics you wish to cover in advance; alternatively, let our tutors inspire you with topics of their choice.
  3. Flexibility – Choose your own location, timings and fellow students, or have a private service if you prefer. 
  4. Value – At BlackStone Tutors, we are committed to ensuring that every student is able to achieve and exceed their potential and we don’t believe that non-academic factors should prove a barrier to academic excellence. As such, our Intensive UCAT Courses offer excellent value especially when taken in groups.

For further details email  info@blackstonetutors.com or to book your place click here


The LNAT examination assesses an individual’s aptitude as opposed to their knowledge of law. It is split into two sections:

1. Multiple choice section based on passages of text
2. Written essay

One Day Intensive LNAT Course

This will comprise of advice on each of the sections, the thought process required for section 1, and how best to structure the essay for section 2 as well as guidance and tips on exam technique. The day will conclude with students takinga mock exam, with tutors fully explaining answers on completion and providing personal feedback on a students performance. 

The course will be conducted at Imperial College’s South Kensington Campus. It will run from 10am – 4pm with lunch provided at a cost of £135 per student. Please book your place at info@blackstonetutors.com

Please note, the LNAT 2019 courses are now fully booked.

Alternatively, for Private BMAT, UKCAT, TSA, MMI or LNAT Tuition, see below:

Private BMAT/ UCAT/ LNAT/TSA/MMI & Other Tuition

  • Choice of 5, 10 or 20 hours of Private Tuition
  • Location and date of your convenience*
  • Can be conducted online (eg. Skype)
  • Conducted by experienced Medicine or Dentistry students from one of the prestigious Russell Group Universities

*Please note. If you reside outside Greater London, you may be required to commute to a mutually convenient location. Furthermore, all private tuition is carried out in accordance with our terms and conditions which can be found here. Please email info@blackstonetutors.com for further details.

Intensive UCAT Tuition (FULLY BOOKED)

Dates: Date of your convenience 
Time: 10:00 – 16:00 
Location: Location of your convenience if you reside within Greater London. Alternatively email info@blackstonetutors.com to arrange a mutually convenient location or Intensive Skype Tuition.
Cost: £230 (1 student), £300 (2 students), £360 (3 students)
Tuition size: 1 – 3 students        

For further details about Intensive UCAT Courses click here

Intensive BMAT (5 in 1) Course

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