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Southampton SFP Key Information

The KSS & Wessex Specialised Foundation Programme offers various SFPs, including Medical Education and Research Programmes. Medical Education has 4 posts in Southampton and Salisbury. Research Programmes provide 12 posts in Southampton in areas like Child Health, Medical Oncology, and more, plus 3 posts in Bournemouth in Orthopaedic Research, Medical Imaging, and Women’s Health. The application scoring involves White Space Questions, Publications, Presentations, and Additional Degrees/Qualifications. Each element contributes to a total shortlist score, with specific points allocated for each category. The updated criteria for presentations state that only posters from conferences before the SFP application closing date are accepted.

The KSS & Wessex SFP uses a comprehensive scoring criteria for applications. Publications can score up to 9 points, with a maximum of 3 entries. They must have a PubMed ID and are scored based on publication status. Presentations are awarded up to 12 points, with oral presentations at national or international levels scoring higher than poster presentations. Prizes are considered only if they are first-place awards in medical education. Additional degrees are scored up to 5 points, prioritising first-class honours and postgraduate degrees with distinction. These criteria ensure a focus on significant academic achievements.

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Southampton SFP Interview Format

Interviews take place across the fourth week of November (typically) and are conducted using an online format.

Southampton SFP Competition Ratio and Notes on Competition

With a total of 19 posts this is a smaller SFP, which could lead to it being more competitive. However, historically this is a less competitive foundation program as a whole, so the ratio of applicants to places is likely to be lower than at other options like Oxford or Cambridge.

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Southampton SFP Past & Sample Questions

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Clinical Skills and Knowledge

  • Discuss a challenging clinical case you managed.
  • Describe your approach to evidence-based medicine.
  • How do you stay updated with current medical practices?
  • Explain your decision-making process in a critical clinical situation.
  • Discuss your experience with a rare medical condition.

Research and Publications

  • Describe a research project that you contributed to.
  • Discuss the process and outcome of your most significant publication.
  • Explain the importance of your research in your field.
  • Share your experience with interdisciplinary research.
  • Discuss the challenges you faced in publishing your work.

Presentations and Communication Skills

  • Describe a presentation you gave at a conference.
  • Discuss how you handle questions during presentations.
  • Share your approach to preparing for a significant presentation.
  • Explain how you engage your audience during presentations.
  • Discuss a time when effective communication improved patient outcomes.

Academic Achievements and Prizes

  • Share details about an academic prize you received.
  • Discuss your most significant academic achievement.
  • Explain the impact of your academic pursuits on your clinical practice.
  • Share your experience with academic competitions.
  • Discuss how your academic achievements have shaped your career goals.

Additional Degrees and Qualifications

  • Discuss the impact of your additional degree on your medical career.
  • Share how your postgraduate studies have complemented your clinical training.
  • Explain the choice of your field of study for your additional degree.
  • Discuss a key learning from your additional degree.
  • Share your motivation for pursuing further academic qualifications.

KSS & Wessex Specific

  • How do you see yourself contributing to the research community in Wessex?
  • Discuss your interest in one of the specific research areas offered in Wessex.
  • Explain why you chose the KSS & Wessex programme over others.
  • Discuss how training in Wessex aligns with your career aspirations.
  • Share your perspective on the healthcare challenges specific to the Wessex region.

Ethical Decision Making

  • Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered in clinical practice.
  • How do you balance patient autonomy with medical advice?
  • Discuss how you would address a conflict of interest in research.
  • Explain your approach to maintaining patient confidentiality.
  • Share a time when you had to make a difficult ethical decision.

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Describe a leadership role you’ve held in a healthcare setting.
  • Share an experience where effective teamwork led to a positive outcome.
  • Discuss how you handle conflicts within a healthcare team.
  • Explain your role in a team during a critical medical situation.
  • Describe a time when you had to lead a project under pressure.

Adaptability and Learning

  • Share an experience where you had to adapt to a new medical protocol.
  • Discuss a situation that required you to learn a new skill quickly.
  • Explain how you handle feedback and criticism.
  • Share a time when you had to adjust your approach to patient care.
  • Describe how continuous learning has impacted your medical career.

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