Should I Take The BMAT

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

If you are applying to study Medicine, the answer is most probably yes....

There are a number of (inaccurate) myths about the BMAT including the following:
‘The BMAT is an impossible exam’
‘It takes a long time to prepare for the BMAT’
‘BMAT is harder thank UCAT’
‘You should either do UCAT or BMAT’
‘BMAT universities are much harder than UCAT universities’

Our team of doctors have given their verdict on whether the ‘average Medicine applicant’ should attempt the BMAT examination.

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Second Chance

The UCAT is a high pressure exam, however imagine if you had the opportunity to take this examination twice and choose your best score? Essentially, that is what the BMAT is, a second chance (albeit a very different examination). Score highly on the UCAT and we would advise that you consider one BMAT university, or for those scoring less well on the UCAT (or highly on the BMAT), consider two BMAT universities.

Exam Challenge

Whilst the BMAT is by no means a straightforward examination, it is far more similar to your GCSEs, A-Levels and other recent examinations than the UCAT. Furthermore, with a small number of time-efficient techniques, you can tailor your existing knowledge to meet the challenges of the BMAT exam.

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Past Papers

There are an abundance of BMAT Past Papers, helping to make your BMAT preparation that much easier. To assist you further, there are even BMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions (Free for BMAT Course Attendees).

BMAT Results

With the new earlier BMAT testing date, you can receive your BMAT score before the UCAS deadline (15th October). Score highly and prioritise BMAT universities or score less well, and choose ‘weaker BMAT universities’ and UCAT universities, hence you have very little to lose by taking the BMAT examination.

BMAT Universities

Gone are the days where the BMAT is exclusive to Oxbridge, Imperial and UCL. With a number of UK and International Universities requiring the BMAT, this examination is advisable for all Medicine applicants.

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Should I Take The BMAT

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