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At BlackStone Tutors we are passionate about assisting prospective medical students through the challenging and ever-evolving Medicine application process. Our team of dedicated Medicine Application Specialists offer a range of services throughout the United Kingdom, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

How to get into Medical School? – 120 minutes, from £40/student 
1) Important considerations when selecting medical schools
2) Writing a Medicine personal statement
3) How to effectively and easily arrange work experience
4) Tutor references and predicted grades: Out of your control?
5) The Medicine interview; exclusive insight from university medicine interview panel members

In-School UCAT and/or BMAT Courses – 6 hours (1 day) — 12 hours (2 days), from £95/student

  • Benefit from preferential rates and availability with our world-renowned courses delivered at your school.
  • Includes access to our exclusive UCAT and/or BMAT resources.
  • Courses can be tailored to address specific preferences or build on what has already been taught.
  • Bookings accepted from as few as six students, with options available to partner neighbouring schools. 
  • Services provided throughout the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.
  • Post-course assistance – We are committed and passionate about assisting prospective medical students and as such, all students attending our courses will be entitled to complimentary post-course advice and assistance from our highly experienced Medicine Application Specialists.
  • Schools booking both our UCAT and BMAT services, will receive a complimentary Platinum Interview Clinic; 90 minutes Intensive Interview training conducted by an Interview Panel Member from either the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London or University College London.

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    MMI Question Bank

    500+ Questions, Model Answers with Expert Techniques & Simulated Interview Circuits

    1-1 Interview Tuition

    Mock Interviews, Personalised Feedback & Support From Your Own Interview Specialist.

    MMI Interview Courses

    20+ Interview Stations & Expert Feedback. Taught By Medical School Interview Specialists.

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