Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The acceptance rate is 7.99% and 172 first year students will enrol into Rutgers New Jersey Medical School each year. The average GPA of incoming students is 3.64 and the average MCAT score is 511.

Interview Format

The interview is traditional in format, being conducted individually (rather than in groups), and one-on-one, with a member of the faculty. You should expect an open file interview.

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Key Dates

Successful early decision applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis from the middle of July onward. Regular decision applicants are accepted on a rolling basis from October 15th through to March. All complete applications will be under active consideration for an interview until the middle of March, when applicants will receive an invitation to interview or an email informing them that their application has been unsuccessful. The latest dates for the submission of materials are August 1st and December 1st for early decision and regular decisions respectively. The MCAT must have been taken by October.

Recent Interview Questions

​Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Tell me more about your research.
Do you read any physician writers?
If you were going to build the ideal doctor’s personality, what would you include? What if that doctor was managing other doctors?
What will you do if you are not accepted anywhere this year?
Describe the differences between Medicare and Medicaid.
How do you think your background in science/engineering will help you as a physician?
What are your exposures to medicine?
Have you given thought to what you want to specialize in?
You can help people in different fields, why Medicine?
Why not veterinary medicine?
How do you know you can handle the stress of medical school?
What do you know about medicine?
How can you show that you are sure about Medicine?
Has your research changed the way you think?
Explain your previous academic record.
Compare mathematics to engineering to medicine.
What is the biggest problem affecting American healthcare?
What are your opinions on the state of our healthcare system? How would you fix it?
Why the variation between MCAT score and GPA?
Is there a specialty you’re interested in?
What have other physicians told you about being a doctor?
How did you find out that medicine was the right career path?
What do you think about the current status of health care and reform?
Are you sure you want to go into medicine?
Compare and contrast the healthcare system of some country you may be familiar with with the one in the U.S.
What do you think about medical reform?
Why specifically do you want to be a doctor? There are many ways to combine serving people and science. What is it about being a physician that you like/want for yourself?
Tell me about the healthcare system.
What are the ultimate goals of a physician?
You know, a lot of our students volunteer abroad in Africa. It’s not too late for you, have you thought about doing that?
In 10 years, what do you want your patients to say about you?
Can you tell me the differences in the socialized health care systems of Denmark vs. Great Britain?
How would you implement X health policy in the community?
What is your motivation to become a doctor?
What is one area of medicine in which you’d like to see more work being done?
What healthcare reforms do you think are most important to improve service to our patient population?
What are the problems that you think health care is going to face in the future and how would you solve them?
What do you think you’ll be doing that is medically-related outside of work?
Name one medical discovery from the last 5 years that has really impressed you.

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Ethical Dilemmas
Tell me about an ethical dilemma.
What is a moral dilemma that you have had to overcome?
Sometimes doctors have to make tough choices for their patients. Can you think of a, sort of, moral problem that might come up?
How should we deal with physicians who are no longer competent to practice (as a result of mental illness, substance addictions, or otherwise)?
If you were a dictator, what health care system would you implement?
If you had $100,000 that could support one cancer patient or 100 healthy patients, how would you allocate the funds?
If a patient comes into your practice with no insurance, what do you do?
If you found out your best friend intended to cheat on an academic assignment, what would you do?
If you had a patient with terminal cancer and 6 months to live whose relative asked you not to tell the patient about their illness, what would you do?

Case/Article Reviews

Communication Stations​

Prioritisation Tasks

Role Plays

Teamwork Tasks
Tell me more about (leadership position), have you learned anything from this that could translate to medicine?

Sales Pitch Station
What differentiates you from other applicants?

General / Personal Statements
Why do you want to come to NJMS?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
What does your father do for a living? Your mother?
Name 3 things that you are working on in order to improve yourself.
Do you have a role model?
What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?
What is the most recent book you read? The one before that?
Tell me about your family.
What honors and awards have you received in college?

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Interview Questions

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