Questions to Ask During a Residency Interview

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As part of preparing for the interview process, you should prepare questions that illustrate your own interest in the programs to which you are applying. These questions should fulfil the following pre-requirements:
– They should not be answerable with a simple Google or a check through the program’s website
– They should not lead the interviewer to have any doubts over your own motivations or suitability for the program
– They should show a true fascination with the speciality if possible, and a real desire to make as much of the program as possible
– The ideal question is one which shows an awareness of current issues in Medicine, the specialty in particular, or the geographical area, shows that you have researched it in some detail, and that you are merely looking for some additional detail to go on top of what you have already learnt and taken into account.

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Some Suitable Questions to Ask for Medical Residency Interviews:

What do you expect from your residents?
Is it possible for your residents to attend conferences to add to their learning? Is this funded, or is time provided for it?
What’s the Board pass rate? I’d just like to confirm the figures that I found online, as they weren’t available on your own website.
Are publications required during training?
What are the teaching/clinical/research opportunities?
What are the population demographics in the area and how does this impact provision of care and learning opportunities in turn?
What hospitals are in the program? I found that X and Y are, but I’ve been informed there are others as well?

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Can you tell me more about the Residency program’s teaching and conference schedules?
Can you tell me about some of the research projects that the faculty and residents are currently working on?
How many people do you rank?
What types of non-clinical responsibility does a resident have here?
What percentage of your graduates enter fellowships?
What scope of experience should I expect?
Do you get opportunities to moonlight?
How many hours per week are residents expected to work? How many days per week?

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