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Becoming a Public Health Specialty Registrar necessitates a robust preparation strategy. A fundamental aspect of this strategy is the careful use of the correct resources which will aid in developing a sound understanding of the Public Health Situational Judgement Test (SJT). Several professional bodies and platforms provide invaluable resources which are pivotal for a well-rounded preparation.

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Professional Bodies and Their Resources

Professional bodies play a quintessential role in the preparation journey. They not only set the standards and outline the person specification but also provide a myriad of resources that can be harnessed for preparation.

Faculty of Public Health (FPH):

  • The Faculty of Public Health is a pivotal body that provides comprehensive resources for aspiring Public Health registrars. They outline the person specification which is the cornerstone for understanding the domains being assessed in the SJT. Their website provides a plethora of information about the Public Health specialty training, the curriculum, and the competencies expected from a Public Health Registrar. Delving into these resources provides a foundational understanding which is crucial for tackling the SJT.

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH):

  • The Royal Society for Public Health is an esteemed body that offers resources pertinent to Public Health. While it doesn’t provide SJT specific resources, the broader knowledge and understanding gained from their publications can serve as a backdrop for the scenarios encountered in the SJT.

Pearson VUE and Sample Papers

Pearson VUE is the official platform where the Public Health SJT is conducted. Familiarising oneself with the Pearson VUE system is imperative to ensure a smooth test-taking experience. Pearson VUE provides a tutorial to acquaint candidates with the test format, the types of questions, and the test environment. This tutorial is an invaluable resource as it provides a simulated test experience which is instrumental in alleviating test anxiety.

Sample papers are vital for SJT preparation. They provide a valuable insight into the format of the questions, the type of scenarios presented, and the domains assessed. Carefully working through sample papers and reflecting on the answers and explanations provided cultivates a deeper understanding and a strategic approach towards tackling the questions. The iterative process of attempting the sample papers, reviewing the answers, and understanding the rationale behind the answers is instrumental in honing the skills required to excel in the SJT.

Utilising the resources provided by professional bodies, acquainting oneself with the Pearson VUE platform, and diligent practice using sample papers forms a triad that lays the foundation for a successful SJT preparation journey.

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Question Banks

Delving deeper into preparation, question banks are a fantastic resource. Platforms that which we have here at Blackstone Tutors offer a vast array of questions that simulate the actual SJT, enabling candidates to acquaint themselves with the diversity and complexity of scenarios they might encounter. The beauty of question banks lies in their ability to provide immediate feedback, which is pivotal for identifying areas of strength and those requiring improvement.

The explanations accompanying the answers provide the rationale behind them, fostering a deeper understanding of the domains being assessed.

Tutors, on the other hand, bring a personalised touch to the preparation journey. They provide one-on-one guidance, tailored to meet the unique needs of each candidate. A tutor can identify patterns in a candidate’s approach to questions, highlight misconceptions, and provide strategies to tackle different types of scenarios. The interactive nature of tutor-led sessions promotes a conducive learning environment, where candidates can openly discuss their doubts and receive clarifications instantaneously.


Mentorship is a cornerstone for not only SJT preparation but the broader career journey in Public Health. Mentors, often with a wealth of experience in the field, provide insights that transcend mere exam preparation. They provide a sounding board for ideas, share experiences that provide a real-world context to the theoretical knowledge, and often provide moral support during the arduous preparation period.

Engaging with a mentor should be a proactive process. It’s advisable to seek mentors who share similar interests within the Public Health realm. Regular interactions, discussions on topical issues in Public Health, and seeking their advice on tackling SJT scenarios can be immensely beneficial. Moreover, mentors can provide a broader perspective on career progression, the challenges to anticipate, and strategies to navigate the Public Health landscape post-SJT. If you don’t have a clear choice of mentor, then leveraging a tutorial agency can be a great replacement.

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