Law School Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews

5, 10 and 20 Hour Law University Interview Tuition Packages to Help You Receive Offers from Top Schools

Experienced Interview Tutors

Our team of Law School Interview tutors have helped thousands of students around the world realise their dreams and secure offers at leading UK & US Law schools.

Law Interview Preparation Plan

Our tutors will create a tailored Law University Interview preparation plan to optimise your preparation schedule, and ensure that you address all of the key areas and challenges encountered in an interview for Law.

Flexible Law School Interview Preparation

Law School Interview sessions that are tailored around your preferences whether it be session timings, duration or location. Additional complimentary Online Law University Question Bank flexible access
Lab Equipment

Focused Preparation & Resources

Whether it be your persona qualities, commercial awareness, or knowledge of the career- our tutors can focus on areas of weakness as needed. You will also receive complimentary access to our Online Law University Question Bank

Law School Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

5, 10 & 20 Hours

A member of the BlackStone Tutors Team will contact you within 24 hours in order to make tuition arrangements.

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