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Overview & Tuition Fees

Plovdiv Medical University runs a six year medical program, which involves training in preclinical and clinical disciplines and a one-year clinical rotation.

The Medical University of Plovdiv has been built on the Higher Institute of Medicine, which in turn was built on the Faculty of Medicine. There are currently 2862 students studying Medicine here, across both Bulgarian and English programs. There are 1721 foreign medical students, who are citizens of 47 countries from 5 continents – including Great Britain,, Italy, Germany, France, the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Australia, the USA, China, New Zealand, and more.

There are modern facilities for theoretical training, new classrooms, and multiple university hospitals which allow for the practical training of students. The hospitals are considered state of the art, allowing students access to new, high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic processes and units, as well as more traditional approaches. The Medical Simulation Training Centre at Medical University Plovdiv is the largest training centre for medical specialists in Bulgaria.

The faculty of Medicine’s primary objective is to ‘ improve the quality of training and to develop the syllabi in accordance with the European and the Uniform State Requirements for medicine’, meaning that the curriculum is often revised and kept entirely up-to-date. You can find the entire curriculum on the university website. Students are given the chance to choose between 27 different elective disciplines, and there are an additional 17 extracurricular study groups, allowing students to add to their knowledge and clinical ability outside of core classes as well.

In order to be eligible to apply – as well as completing the entrance exam (more on which below), students must have completed their high/secondary school education, and have obtained marks in Biology and Chemistry in high school, equivalent to A2 level in the UK, or IB level elsewhere. You can find more on the exact documents required on the university’s website.

Tuition fees are 8000 EUR per year, making this a relatively inexpensive option compared to many other EU universities, despite the high profile and prestige of the institution.

Plovdiv Medical University Medicine Interview Format

Plovdiv University does not interview, but it does conduct entrance examinations. These are in Biology and Chemistry, although non-native English speakers may have to prove their English language proficiency ‘by holding a diagnostic test at the University’ if they are unable to prove their ability through possessing a suitable certificate, or their studies having been conducted in English.

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Plovdiv Medical University Medicine Past Exam & Interview Questions

As stated, Plovdiv medical university does not interview, but it does conduct tests focusing on Biology and Chemistry as related to Medicine. The following are sample questions.


Phages are parasitic viruses in:

а) plants
b) bacteria
c) fungi
d) animals

The highest arterial blood pressure is registered in:

а) pulmonary arteries
b) the aorta
c) the upper vena cava
d) the lower vena cava

Trypsin degrades:

а) fats to fatty acids and glycerol
b) carbohydrates to glucose
c) proteins to amino acids
d) proteins to nucleotides

The prostate is:

а) a muscle
b) a gland
c) producing oocytes
d) producing ATP

Vocal cords are located in the:
а) pharynx
b) trachea
c) bronchi
d) larynx

The systemic circulation starts from the:

а) right ventricle
b) left ventricle
c) left atrium
d) right atrium

The basic structural and functional unit of the kidney is:

a) urethra
b) nephron
c) bile
d) urinary bladder

Polypeptide chains are:

а) linear and branched
b) circular
c) linear and unbranched
d) circular and unbranched


The aqueous solution of glycerol:
А) boils at the same temperature as that of water
B) boils at a lower temperature than that of water
C) freezes at a lower temperature than that of water
D) freezes at a higher temperature than that of water

In the reaction Ag + 2HNO3 (conc.) → AgNO3 + NO2 + H2O silver metal is:
A) a reducing agent and oxidizes
B) a reducing agent and reduces
C) an oxidizing agent and oxidizes
D) an oxidizing agent and reduces

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