Pharmacy Residency Interviews: Questions to Ask

Pharmacy Residency Preparation Specialists

What are some of your previous residents doing currently?
Are there any teaching or precepting opportunities?
What have residents brought to you that they want to change? And what did you do about it?
What are the requirements to obtain the teaching certificate (assuming that one is available).
What projects are the current residents working on?
What do you believe makes your program successful?
What part of the program are you most passionate/excited about?
What is a typical day for you (if speaking to a resident or preceptor)?
What organisations can the residents become involved in during the program?
How are patient charts kept? Are they electronic or still paper-based?
What do you look for in a candidate?
What do you feel is a unique quality about your program?
Why did you decide to start a residency program?
If you could change one thing about your program, what would it be?
What can you tell me about the patient population? What are the demographics like?
How flexible are rotation schedules?
Do you tailor the rotations/residency to the residents’ interests?
How easy is it to get the elective rotation that you want?
Are there any opportunities to publish? How about outside of my research project?
How are residents evaluated during the program?
What degree of research collaboration is there between the medical and pharmacy departments?
What is the current pharmacy model? Are there any changes for the future?
Last time ASHP came what did they say you needed to change?
How long is your accreditation good for?
How is your pharmacy department set up? Is the pharmacy decentralised?
How is the rotation schedule set-up/assigned? What if a resident wants to change rotations half way through?

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What clinics are available during the ambulatory care rotation?
What opportunities are available for leadership development?
Have there been any significant changes in the residency program this year? Are there any changes
planned for next year?
 What is the vision for the pharmacy department?
How much autonomy is encouraged after the resident is oriented to a new rotation?
What type of electronic medical record/computer system does the hospital use?
What is the staffing model? All ops staffing or is there some clinical staffing?
How are residency projects chosen/assigned? (is there a list to choose from?
What do you feel are the strengths/weaknesses of your program?
What do you like the most about working here?
What did the previous resident do after they completed their residency?
What do you think is the main challenge this hospital is going to face over the next year?
What new services/changes/innovations are you planning to implement over the next year?
What has been your most challenging experience thus far and why?
Are there weekly resident meetings?
What is the project support like? Are there official training sessions to prepare you?
What makes your residency unique?
Why did you become a residency director?
How does one become a preceptor?
Where do you see your residency in 5 years?
What changes would you make to your program if there were no restrictions?
Describe some of the institutional and departmental changes that have occurred since the start of the residency program.
What were the 3 most significant accomplishments last year?
What steps are being taken to free up pharmacy time?
Do you feel like you could go work anywhere and be a competent pharmacist?

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For Residents:

Are you from [city residency program is in]? If not… How do you like the area and have you had a chance to experience the city with your schedule?
Is the program receptive to your feedback?
What has been your favourite rotation so far?
Would you consider the same program if applying again?
Once you got your rotation schedule, were you happy with it? Were you able to get the rotations that interested you most?
What do you enjoy most about your residency program?
How would you improve your program?
Do you feel you have a good supportive system? How do you deal with the stress of the residency program?
What advice would you give a potential applicant of this program?
What has been your most challenging experience thus far and why?
What 3 words would you use to describe this program?

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