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My determination to pursue Pharmacy is primarily ignited by my desire to serve the community whenever possible. I feel that Pharmacy is a crucial field of healthcare that is always developing through the discovery of new life-changing drugs and vaccines, to the expansion of new Pharmacy services, which are beneficial to the public. I would be honoured to be associated with such an outstanding domain that improves the quality of life for others, as I am passionate about patient health.

The historical events that led to the discovery of drugs amazes me; from the accidental discovery of penicillin by Fleming, to the innovation of other traditional medicine.  As a result of my interest, I was prompted to read an issue in “Chemistry Review” about aspirin and its development from a natural remedy to modern medicine. The complexity of science and the mechanism of action of drugs interests me. To expand my knowledge beyond the syllabus, I have also read “The Pharmaceutical Journal”. Biology has given me a strong grasp of principles relevant to Pharmacy, including antibiotic resistance and the causes of diseases. Furthermore, A-level Chemistry has advanced my analytical and evaluative skills due to the precision required when conducting experiments, like the procedure of titration.

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The completion of work experience at a Pharmacy further encouraged me to apply for this degree. During the placement I was introduced to certain protocols, like the ‘WWHAM’ system, as well as the arrangements involved in taking prescriptions. I proved myself reliable to give the prescribed medicine to patients by confirming their details. I have obtained an insight into different drugs, such as diuretics, and I also gained an understanding of the regulations that pharmacists must adhere to. I appreciate the great roles and responsibilities of this vocation; from ensuring all legal prescriptions requirements are met, to confirming medications are clinically safe and efficacious for patients. In addition, completion of a GP surgery placement has broadened my knowledge of the field of healthcare. As a result, I now recognise the importance of patient confidentiality and the high standards of patient interaction.

I am currently a voluntary learning support assistant in an Islamic school, assisting a child who has speech and language delay, which has developed my communication skills. Paired with my caring and dedicated nature, I feel prepared to make important contributions within the world of Pharmacy. I have also devoted my Saturdays to volunteering at a charity shop where I have to work both independently and also within a team. My interaction with customers has improved my interpersonal skills and taught me how to develop a rapport with people, which will be useful with patients in Pharmacy.

The achievement of an award in Sports Leadership and my role as a peer supporter illustrates my committed and responsible nature. Also, being a member of my college debate society has raised my awareness of current issues, and through participation in discussions about controversial issues, has led to an increase in personal confidence. Taking part in dark room photography has extended my problem solving skills, as the equipment we used was new to me. Travelling and experiencing cultures is another interest of mine. I find it fascinating how countries differ in drug regulations and pharmacy services they offer.

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The passion I harbour for Pharmacy links to my personal life. I have witnessed the importance of medicine in supporting those who are suffering from long-term illnesses, and the significant impact medication has with close family members. Hence, I feel I would be prepared to fulfill the vital role of encouraging patients towards a healthier lifestyle to improve their wellbeing. I would love to be part of such a highly regarded and rewarding field that is continuously evolving and this degree is the first step towards this.

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Please note, this personal statement has been provided for reference purposes only and should not be utilised or replicated. Any attempts at plagiarism will be detected by the automated UCAS plagiarism checker and the dedicated UCAS verification team.

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