Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The average GPA of the incoming class is 3.73, with an average MCAT score of 512. The interview rate for in-state applicants is 23.4% and for out of state applicants it is 9.2%. Of 8815 applicants, 819 are interviewed and 152 will enrol.

Interview Format

The interview is done in a traditional one-on-one style. It is open-file, meaning that you may be asked about any element of your application.

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Key Dates

The earliest that your AMCAS application may be submitted is the first of June, and the latest is November 15th. Secondary applications must be completed by January 15th. The earliest that acceptances will be sent to regular applicants is October 15, and there is no fixed end date to the process.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
What do you think you would like most about being a physician?
Are you really ready for medical school?
Tell me about your opinion on nurses.
What problematic aspects of the U.S. healthcare system have you considered?
Do you think the people in the US have healthier outcomes compared to those in other countries?
What is the most important factor affecting your decision to attend a particular medical school?
What do you think about health care reform?
What was your most meaningful experience while volunteering at your local hospital?
What will you do if you are not accepted?
Explain your research.
Who is the most important person to improve someone’s health?
How will your research help you when you’re a physician?
What brought you on your path to medicine and Hershey?
How would you handle 80 hour work weeks and waking up at 4 am?
Why did you choose your major?
What was the hardest thing you saw during your volunteer experience?
What are some negative aspects of a medical career?
What do you think you would like least about being a physician?
Why will you be a good doctor?
What did you get out of each of your shadowing experiences?
What is one major problem you see in American healthcare?
What is the worst part about you as a med school applicant?
Am I interested in a specialty?
What speciality do you want to go into?
Who was your main role model in deciding on a career in medicine?
How do you think your involvement in ECs will help you as a doctor?
What do you think about the direction of healthcare in the near future?
Why did you choose medicine?
If the world were healthy, what would you be instead of a doctor?
What type of leadership skills do you possess?
What do you expect from the upcoming administration in regards to health care?
Tell me about the Affordable Care Act.
How has your clinical volunteer experience prepared you to practice medicine?
Why do you want to be an MD/PhD?
What is the biggest problem with healthcare in the US and in the world?
Tell me about your international experiences and your research.

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Ethical Dilemmas
If you were sent to assess blame for a hospital’s mistake in treatment, how would you go about it?
If you yourself made a mistake in treatment, how would you respond?

Case/Article Reviews

Communication Stations‚Äč
What would you do, as a physician, if you knew that your patient was not taking your advice?

Prioritisation Tasks

Role Plays

Teamwork Tasks
What leadership roles have you had?
Would you rather work in a team or as an individual?

MMI Sales Pitch Station

General / Personal Statements
What is one of your favorite books that you’ve read?
What would you change about yourself?
What are you looking for in a medical school?
What do your parents do?
Tell me about experience X from your application.
What adversity have you faced?
Just to start off, do you have any questions for me about the school?
What do you think you will contribute to our class?
Think of a 4 letter word to describe yourself.
Why did you do research instead of staying home and relaxing on your breaks?
If you could go back in time and speak any language, who would you want to spend the day with and why?
What is a difficult situation you’ve encountered in the past and how did you deal with it?
What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
Tell me about yourself.
Do you feel you have had to overcome any hardships/struggles?

Why would you go to a rural area like Penn State?
Describe what you do for fun when you are not studying.

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Interview Questions

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