Oriel Pharmacy: Offers Explained

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After you’ve worked through the application process, uploaded your documents, preferenced programs – and ranked them – and sat your tests, the next stage is receiving your offers. Once again, this takes place through Oriel. Here, we will work through the offers process for Oriel, including upgrading offers, enhanced offers, and what to do after you’ve accepted an offer.

How do offers and rankings work in Oriel?

If you are ranked first by a program that is your first preference, then you will receive that program. If you then do not accept it in time, it would be offered to the person that ranked second, and so on. Equally, if you are third ranked, you would need the two candidates in front of you to prefer other programs. All notifications of offers will come through your Oriel account, and you might receive an offer at any point from mid-November to December.

What are the different offer responses in Oriel?

There are three offer responses – accept, decline, or hold. Accept means that you are certainly happy with completing your foundation training with this employer. Accepting the offer on Oriel means that you are agreeing to take up the post – however, this is not a formal employment contract. Instead, you will subsequently be sent a formal contract that you must sign. When you accept an offer, you will be removed from the offer process, unless you opt in to upgrades. Remember that accepting an offer and then turning it down afterwards will have serious negative consequences both for the organisation and for others who preferenced that position. If you decline an offer, you will not be eligible to receive any subsequent offers, then you will not be able to receive any subsequent offers – in other words, you must make sure that you only preference programs that you are willing to accept. Hold is only an option for applicants who have applied to both National and Scotland.

Upgrading offers in Oriel

Upgrading is the system through which you are able to be automatically upgraded to a higher ranked preference if it becomes available, up until the upgrade deadline at the end of November. Note that if your offer is upgraded, you cannot then revert to your original offer – as such, when you accept an offer, the Oriel system allows you to opt in or out of upgrades at any time until the upgrade deadline has passed. You can opt in for some or all of the programs that you have preferenced. When you accept a program, you should see the word ‘OFFER’ next to it. If you rank any program above, it will then be considered as opted in for upgrades – you will not receive an offer that is ranked lower than your offer program. Remember that upgrades are automatic

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Enhanced preferencing

Enhanced preferencing allows an applicant to amend their preferences within the preferencing windows of 48 hours. These windows are communicated to you throughout the process – you will be notified via Oriel when they are open and if you are successful in receiving an offer. Bear in mind that preferencing options could be unavailable when the recruitment process is matching and preparing offers; preferencing must be closed to allow the matching to run.

Holding offers in Oriel?

Holding offers is only for those who have applied to England/Wales and also Scotland. If this is the case, you may be offered a place in both vacancies. Oriel will therefore permit you to hold one offer while you decide which one to accept. You can accept or decline the held offer at any time up until the hold deadline. You can only hold one offer at any time – attempting to hold a second will result in the first being rejected. You can choose whether to accept, accept with upgrades, or decline.

What happens after accepting an offer in Oriel?

After you accept an offer, and after the upgrade window is over, your information will be sent to the program that you have accepted. The program will then be able to contact you to finalise the details of your employment, including the sending of training contracts, any further referee checks that need to be performed, etc.

Oriel Pharmacy: Offers Explained

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