Oriel Pharmacy: Application Ranking Tips

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Understanding how to rank the different programs on Oriel is vital to ensuring that you get the role that you want, in a program that you are interested in. Beyond the mechanics of the preferencing system, which we have covered in a separate article, you should also consider what factors will actually draw you to a program. In other words, what are you looking for? Here, we will consider some of the most important elements that might allow you to choose between different programs.

Just remember that there are no guarantees of a smooth, easy training year. Rather, you should be prepared for it to be challenging. However, by doing your research beforehand and choosing a program that aligns with your desires, you can make the year perhaps a little easier, and certainly much more enjoyable.

Oriel Pharmacy: Factors to Consider when Ranking Programs

The first factor to consider when ranking programs within your preferences in Oriel is simply the type of program. Is it a hospital program? Is it a community program? If it’s a hospital program, how are you able to specialise, and does that specialisation match with your own desires for your career? Remember that hospital and split programs are generally much more competitive than community placements, and you will therefore need a stronger application in order to be confident of receiving an offer. You should also, as part of this element of the assessment of programs, look at how many spots are offered by each. Some will offer a significant number of spots, meaning both that there is a somewhat higher likelihood of receiving an offer, and that you will benefit from others training alongside you – whilst others will offer fewer places, and perhaps therefore have more ability to focus on your training.

Next, you should consider the workload. In general, this can be a little hard to predict, but you can ask a community pharmacy specific questions on how much they do in a month, and how many members of staff they have – and with a hospital, you should be able to get some idea of their average rota and staffing requirements. Alongside this, you should think about how much time you will be given to study. With your registration exam to sit, you will need to have adequate time to prepare. Typically, you will find that placements now provide a set amount of time each week in which you can study. This might be paid or unpaid, but it’s crucial that you are provided with some time in which you can work and revise as needed. Look for programs that, ideally, offer both a significant amount of time for study, and pay you for the time spent studying as well.

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Next, think about the location of the placement. This encompasses both the area and the travel to and from it. Your choices here will be your own, but you might consider the range of facilities near the hospital, the cost of housing in the area, the climate or culture of the city, etc. Remember that you will need to live there for a year – both working and living in general! In terms of commute, remember that you will likely be facing a long and tiring working day. Therefore, cutting the commute as much as possible is sensible. Think about how easy it is to get to and from the hospital, how expensive that journey is, whether you will need a car, etc. If you are driving, then think about how easy it is to park, whether you can find a flat with parking, etc.

Next, think about the simple financials of the program. Some training providers will take some costs out of your salary – often in the form of training courses through external providers. Speak to any program about these hidden costs before you begin, and ensure that your salary will not receive any unfair or unexpected deductions. You’ll also need to consider your own expenses – do you have anyone else dependent on you? How much of your salary are you prepared to give over towards rent? Have you considered the elevated cost of living in cities – notably London – versus other parts of the UK?

In the end, the process will come down to your own considerations on what is key. Bear the above in mind, and add in any other elements that are of particular importance to you.

Oriel Pharmacy: Application Ranking Tips

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