Oriel Pharmacy 2023 Recruitment Timeline & Application Process

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Understanding the timeline for the Oriel process is vital for a successful application. Here, we will look at the timeline for the recruitment process, as well as an overview of how to apply.

Oriel Pharmacy 2023 Recruitment Timeline

Oriel applications will open at the end of the first week of June. You should be ready to apply at this point, as the window for applications is relatively brief, already closing by the end of the third week of June. Exact dates will vary from year to year, but expect (roughly) the 8th and 22nd respectively to be accurate for a given year. In order to apply, you will likely need specific information about training programs – luckily, Foundation Training program information is also available from the 8th June onwards.

The next step to be aware of – given that you have submitted your application before the application closing time – is the preferencing window. This will open at the end of July, and is the beginning of the time in which you are able to rank programs (and they in turn are able to select from the candidate pool). Next, expect to be invited to undertake the SJT and Numeracy Test – the invitation will be sent between the beginning and middle of August. The Oriel SJT and Numeracy test itself will then be held in the last week of September or the first week of October. The next step is the closing of the preference window, which happens at the end of October.


Unsuccessful applicants are then alerted at the end of the first week of November, whilst offers are sent just a couple of days later. The deadline for offers held is around a week before the end of November, and the deadline for upgrade offers is the end of November.

Programs will then commence in July or August of 2024.

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Oriel Pharmacy 2023 Application Process & Overview

As well as knowing the application timeline, you’ll need to be aware of how the process works. The following is an overview; more information can be found elsewhere on this section of our website.

Firstly, you must be aware that all applications must be made via the Oriel recruitment portal using the specific application form – which has set sections that you must complete. In order to apply, you must register on the Oriel system. You will have the ability to register on the Oriel system before you apply – this is the first step only. Registering on the system does not equal applying – it is merely the first step in the process. You then have to complete and submit your actual application. You can find additional information on the process through the Helpdesk section in the Oriel site.

Communication between you and the PNRO will happen through both Oriel and email. You must therefore check your email account and your Oriel login at least once every 48 hours – if you fail to do so, you may miss important information about your application. You must therefore check your spam email as well. 

Remember that you can only submit one application – this is sent to all programs that you are interested in.

You will not be asked to provide a supporting statement as part of your online application. However, you should note that this information is accurate for NHS England, and NHS Wales – you should consult the specific site for NHS Scotland.

All Hospital Foundation Training programmes in England recruit through the Oriel system, as do a significant number of primary care pharmacy training programmes in England. You should easily be able to identify community pharmacy programs vs hospital programs, and you can filter through them as appropriate. You can find the full list of programs from the end of the first week of June onwards, as soon as the application service opens.

Note that all of England, Wales and Scotland use the same selection method, which means that you can undertake just one selection centre and apply to each of the different NHS areas – NHS Scotland, of course, having a different process, but now done through the same set of tests.

Oriel Pharmacy 2023 Recruitment Timeline & Application Process

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