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OET@Home allows you to take the entire test from the comfort of your home, on a computer.

You must be mindful of where you sit. You should try to choose a quiet place with no distractions. You must be indoors in a well-lit space. No one else can enter the room whilst you sit the test – if they do, you will fail. Your desk must be empty of mugs, books, mobile phones, or any form of notes – and the same is the case for your walls. You will not be able to access the test using a VPN – if you require a VPN, then you will have to consider sitting the OET on Paper.

The test involves Zoom, which is used for the speaking sub-test. You must therefore download Zoom in advance and ensure that you are confident in using it.

The format and operation of the test is the same as the structure of the OET on Computer at a Test Centre, advice on which is detailed below.

OET Medicine Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Medicine Question bank features questions from UK doctors, as well as tutorials and techniques.

OET Nursing Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Nursing Question bank features questions from doctors and admissions specialists, with a range of tutorials.

OET Pharmacy Online Course & Question Bank

Our OET Pharmacy Question bank features questions from UK doctors and pharmacists, with tutorials and tips.

OET on Computer at Test Centre

You have ten minutes to read about the test structure, and to learn how to approach the test.

First, you will learn about the structure of the test.

There are standard buttons labelled ‘next’ and ‘back’ to move through sections, but you cannot move back to a completed section. E.g. you cannot move back to Part A if you have moved on to Part B.

Some pages will have a reminder to scroll to the bottom if you need to see more information.

A clock is available throughout the test and is presented at the top of the screen.

Reminders are provided when you have 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes remaining.

The mouse can be used to click on a space where you want to enter an answer, or you can use tab to move onto the next space. You can also use the numbered buttons on the left of the screen to move to particular questions in the section.

You should leave the text panel open whilst going through the reading and writing sections of the test. This should appear in a split-screen view with the text on the left and the answer options on the right. If you quit the split-screen view by mistake, it should reopen if you click the text file at the bottom of the answer page. You can click and drag on the text using the hand symbol.

You can highlight words by clicking on them using the highlight tool.

You are able to change the audio before the test proper starts – meaning that you should ensure that your headphones are at a comfortable level that allows you to easily hear what is being said. The sample audio file provided at the end of the tutorial section permits you to find an optimal level.

In order to answer multiple choice questions, you simply have to click on the option that you think is right. You can remove answers by right clicking them, which should ‘strike-out’ incorrect answers – meaning you can work by a process of elimination.

You will only sit the Listening, Reading and Writing sections on the computer at the Test Centre. The speaking part will take place at your home, on your own device – meaning that you need access to a computer with a webcam of your own even if you want to sit the Computer Test at a Test Centre! 

OET Test Resources & Tutoring

Find our 1-1 tutoring for OET Medicine and Nursing here. We also offer 1-1 tutoring for Pharmacy.

OET on Paper

This is the traditional OET format.


You will take on the exact same content as in the OET on Computer.


However, this option is far better for those that are less confident in their typing ability. Crucially, some boards and councils will still only accept the OET on Paper, making this a safer option if you are not sure of where you want to move to – or a necessary option if you know that the board you are applying to only accepts the Paper version.


As for any other OET format, you will take a 40 minute listening test, a 60 minute reading test, a 45 minute writing test made up of 5 minutes’ reading time and 40 minutes’ writing time, and a speaking test of 20 minutes. There will be both written and multiple choice components. For more information on individual sections, see our guide to each section.

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