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OUWB School of Medicine Overview

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB) recognizes the importance of assessing both technical knowledge and pre-professional competencies in prospective medical students. The school emphasizes a holistic approach to admissions, aiming to identify individuals who demonstrate not only academic excellence but also qualities essential for success in medical training and practice.

How is the AAMC PREview Used?

As part of their commitment to comprehensive applicant evaluation, OUWB strongly encourages all prospective students to complete the AAMC PREview Professional Readiness Exam. This exam allows the admissions committee to assess non-academic competencies that research has shown to significantly impact a student’s performance in medical school and beyond. With its demonstrated validity, reliability, and fairness, the AAMC PREview provides valuable insights into an applicant’s readiness for medical training.

Registration for the AAMC PREview exam opens in April and closes in September, with testing dates available from June to September. The 2024 testing calendar offers multiple opportunities for applicants to take the exam. By completing the AAMC PREview, applicants have the chance to showcase their competencies in various areas, including:

  • Meaningful Medical Activities: Involvement in volunteer work, shadowing experiences, or other healthcare-related activities.
  • Service to Others and the Community: Demonstrated commitment to serving others and contributing positively to the community.
  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills: Evidence of collaboration, leadership, and effective teamwork in various settings.
  • Academic Performance: Consistent excellence in academic pursuits, indicating the ability to excel in a rigorous academic environment.
  • Excellence in Extracurricular Activities: Achievements in extracurricular endeavors, highlighting skills and talents beyond academics.
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OUWB AAMC PREview Example Scenarios & Responses

You notice that your knowledge in a rapidly evolving area of medicine is becoming outdated, potentially affecting your ability to provide the best care.

Response 1: Enroll in a relevant continuing medical education (CME) course to update your knowledge and skills in the specific area.
Answer Options: Very Ineffective / Ineffective / Effective / Very Effective

Correct Answer with Explanation: Very Effective.
Actively seeking out CME opportunities demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and ensures you remain competent in providing high-quality care.

Response 2: Rely solely on your clinical experience to guide patient care decisions, believing that practical skills outweigh theoretical knowledge.
Answer Options: Very Ineffective / Ineffective / Effective / Very Effective

Correct Answer with Explanation: Very Ineffective.
While experience is valuable, disregarding the need for ongoing education can lead to outdated practices and compromise patient care in rapidly advancing fields.

Response 3: Create a study group with colleagues to share knowledge and discuss recent advancements and research in the field.
Answer Options: Very Ineffective / Ineffective / Effective / Very Effective

Correct Answer with Explanation: Effective.
Peer learning environments can enhance professional development by leveraging collective knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous learning within the team.

Response 4: Wait for annual professional development reviews to identify areas for improvement, relying on external evaluations to guide your learning needs.
Answer Options: Very Ineffective / Ineffective / Effective / Very Effective

Correct Answer with Explanation: Ineffective.
While regular reviews are important, passively waiting for them may delay addressing knowledge gaps. Proactive self-assessment and seeking out learning opportunities are key to maintaining professional competence.

Response 5: Subscribe to relevant medical journals and online forums to stay informed about new research and clinical guidelines in your area of practice.
Answer Options: Very Ineffective / Ineffective / Effective / Very Effective

Correct Answer with Explanation: Very Effective.
Keeping abreast of the latest research and clinical guidelines through reputable sources is essential for informed practice and can directly impact the quality of patient care.

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OUWB AAMC PREview Example Scenarios

You observe a fellow medical student, Sarah, making derogatory comments about a patient's ethnicity during a clinical rotation at a local hospital. Sarah, frustrated with the language barrier encountered while interacting with a non-English-speaking patient, expresses her frustration openly, stating, "I can't believe we have to deal with these people. Why can't they just learn English like everyone else?"

Response 1: Immediately intervene and address Sarah’s behavior, emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect for patients. Explain to her that such comments are unacceptable and can have detrimental effects on patient care and the overall learning environment.

Response 2: Ignore the comments and continue with your tasks, believing it’s not your place to intervene in interpersonal conflicts.

Response 3: Report the incident to a faculty member or supervisor, seeking their intervention to address the inappropriate behavior.

Response 4: Confront Sarah privately after the clinical session to discuss the impact of her comments on patient care and professional conduct.

Response 5: Engage in a group discussion with other students to address the incident and collectively reinforce the importance of cultural sensitivity and professionalism.

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