​Nursing University Interview Numeracy Test 2 Questions & Answers

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​Nursing University Interview Numeracy Test 2 Questions

  1. You’re running late for work, and looking for an alternative route. Which of these is quicker?
    I) Taking the train, which travels at 99km/h, along a journey of 33km.
    II) Driving at an average speed of 60km/h, over a journey of 20km.
  2. A drug is prescribed at 0.5mg/kg/day. Your patient, Jon, has been gaining weight recently and now weighs 134kg. How much of the drug, in mg, will he need per day?
  3. Adrenaline is now available in 10g in 100,000mL concentration. What does this equate to in mg/mL?
  4. What is 3/4 * 2/3?
  5. One of your patients, Cindy, has been placed on antipsychotics. They are available only in tables of 50mg. She requires 100mg, twice daily. How many tables does this equate to over the course of a whole day?
  6. You have three patients, weighing 74kg, 76kg and 93kg. How much would a fourth patient have to weigh to make the average patient weight equal 80kg?
  7. Your hospital is at 56% capacity. It has a total of 800 beds. How many are occupied?
  8. It’s 11am. You have a 90 minute ward round, followed by 5 patient appointments each of 12 minutes. The doctor informs you the ward round will start 15 minutes late. When do you expect to finish your appointments?
  9. What is the probability of rolling two sixes in a row on an unbiased die?
  10. If a drug is only available in 15mg and 25mg tablets, what combination of tablets would you give to provide a patient with a one-off dose of 145mg?

​Nursing University Interview Numeracy Test 2 Answers

  1. Both of these options are the same, taking 20 minutes.
  2. 67mg
  3. 0.1mg/mL
  4. 1/2
  5. 4 tablets. She will need a dose of two tablets to make up 100mg (2*50mg) and this dose repeated twice a day.
  6. 77kg. To calculate this, think about what the total weight must be if the average is 80. Put simply this is x÷4 = 80. Solve for x gives 320 as the total weight.
    The weights you already have add up to 243kg. 320-243 leaves 77kg as the weight of the fourth patient.
  7. 448
  8. 13:45. You will start your ward round at 11:15, finish it at 12:45, and the patient appointments will take a further hour.
  9. 1/36. The probability of rolling the first six is 1/6. The probability of rolling the second is likewise 1/6. To calculate the probability of two independent events both happening, multiply them together. This gives 1/6 * 1/6 = 1/36.
  10. Four of the 25mg tablets, and three of the 15mg tablets. Or, one of the 25mg tablets and 8 of the 15mg tablets.

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