​Nursing University Interview Numeracy Test 1 Questions & Answers

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Nursing University Interview – Numeracy Test 1 Questions

  1. Each dose of a tablet is 1.5mg. A patient is prescribed 6mg. How many tablets should be given to them?
  2. What is 0.05 * 200?
  3. How many metres are in 2.4km?
  4. A GP Surgery was due to start at 14.30, but was running 20 minutes late. There were 9 consecutive patients, and each appointment took exactly 20 minutes. There were no breaks between patients. At what time does the day’s surgery finish?
  5. What is the mean age of patients attending your clinic today if the ages are 14, 16, 22, 24, 25 and 31?
  6. A patient is to be given 100mg of an antibiotic every 6 hours. It is available in 25mg in 5mls. How many mls should the patient be given in 12 hours?
  7. If two trains leave a station in opposite directions and travel at 60km/h for 90 minutes, how far are they from each other at the end of their respective journeys?
  8. You are to receive 40% of your marks for 1st year from your Clinical Placement. The other 60% are to be from your ‘Scientific Foundations’ course. You receive a score of 70/100 in Clinical Placement and 75/100 in Scientific Foundations. What is your average score?
  9. A child, Sebastian, was 1m 22cm when you saw him last. His mother says he has grown ‘between 20 and 30cm’ since then. What is the range his height now lies in?
  10. Your Vital Skills class has 25 students. Of these students, 40% are male. How many male students are in the class?

Nursing University Interview – Numeracy Test 1 Answers

  1. Four tablets.
  2. 0.1
  3. 2400m
  4. 15:50. The appointments would start at 14.50, and the 9 patients will take three hours in total.
  5. 22
  6. 40mls. The patient will need 20mls in the space of 6 hours (They require 100mg, and we are told that 5mls only provides 25mg). Multiply by two to get a number for 12 hours.
  7. 180km apart.
  8. 73%. Multiply each course’s mark by the percentage it makes up of the total.
  9. Range 1m 42 – 1m 52.
  10. 10 students are male.

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