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Northumbria has no specific A level requirements, and accepts a tariff of 120 UCAS points, being made up of A levels, BTEC, extended diploma, or Scottish Highers. At GCSE, you must have Maths and English Language at a grade C minimum – beyond this there are no further academic requirements. All students that pass the academic requirements and appear promising after review of their personal statement are invited to attend an interview. 

Overall Application Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Percentage of Candidates Interviewed
Percentage Of Candidates Interviewed
Interviewee Success Rate
Interviewee Success Rate
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What do Northumbria Look for?

Northumbria emphasise that they use a ‘concept-based approach.’ You should see this as an integrated learning model that will use different elements – lectures, seminars, practicals – to build your knowledge in one domain, and that these domains may continue throughout the year, or even years. Therefore, consider your learning style, and reflect on whether your learning will match this course structure.

There is also a strong emphasis on electronic learning and the use of innovative technology, with all lectures being delivered electronically. You should therefore show an awareness of the use of technology in learning, and ideally have examples of how you have developed your own learning through the use of technology. Digital technology will have an ever greater role within healthcare, so acknowledging this fact will advertise you as someone that understands the overall trends in the field of Nursing, and is willing to keep up to date.
You should be ready to actively take part in research, and to develop your research skills. Consider examples of research that you have taken part in at school, and reflect on these ready for your interview. Northumbria prides itself on its ‘research-rich learning,’ with research embedded throughout the curriculum, which is taught by a team that includes a number of prominent researchers within their respective fields. In your final year you will have the chance to write a research-led dissertation – the perfect introduction and preparation for becoming involved in research further down the line in your nursing career. Consider if this is something you are interested in; if it is, then Northumbria will be a good fit for you.

What do previous students say?

Previous students explain that the Nursing interview at Northumbria is relaxed, with the staff doing their best to create a friendly and un-intimidating atmosphere. They are likely to ask questions on current healthcare news, the NHS, and trends in nursing. Interviewers are less likely to focus on work experience or previous examples of work in a caring / healthcare atmosphere. Northumbria’s interview process normally combines a 2-on-1 panel interview and a group interview, the latter involving a discussion over a given topic.

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​Some Key Questions for Northumbria Interviews

  • What are the 6Cs of nursing?
  • What is the role of the Nursing and Midwifery Council?
  • What can you tell us about the course here at Northumbria?
  • Why does the course at Northumbria appeal to you?
  • How do the roles of Adult Nurses and Children’s Nurses differ?
  • Tell us about some current healthcare issues in the news.
  • What new technology are you aware of in healthcare?
  • What challenges does the NHS currently face?
  • If we gave you £10 billion, what changes would you make to the NHS immediately and why?
  • What interests you about the university, apart from the course structure? I.e. what is of interest to you outside the Nursing School?
  • Are you interested in research? If so, why?
  • Why is it important that nurses are actively involved in research?
  • How do you think the role of a nurse has changed in the last 50 years?
  • How do you think nursing will change in the next 10 years?
  • How do you think nursing will change in the next 50 years?
  • What can you tell us about COVID-19?
  • What are the most important challenges to global health right now?
  • In what ways has technology changed the day-to-day working life of a nurse in the UK?
  • How do you think that technology will change the working lives of nurses as we move through the next decade?
  • Northumbria prides itself on developing the research skills of future nurses. How can you illustrate to us that the decision to take you as a student will be of benefit to research, and to Nursing itself, in the future?

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Northumbria Nursing Interview Questions & Tips

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