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My interest in the medical profession grew after my grandmother developed rapid-onset dementia during my first degree. Her subsequent diagnosis of suspected Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was difficult to accept, but I gained profound respect for the medical team as they conducted investigations and provided end-of-life care. The decision to change my career direction was taken only after ensuring I was fully informed of the realities of working in medicine, particularly in light of the recent contract negotiations. I believe that a medical career will be challenging but ultimately rewarding, with the ability to make a real difference to patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

Spending time in different medical specialties has allowed me to understand the day-to-day work of junior doctors. Shadowing staff in General Practice showed me the challenges of tackling diverse patient problems during short consultations, with presentations ranging from routine diabetes checks to relapses of schizophrenia. It was fascinating to watch a pancreatic resection in General Surgery, but also to acknowledge the difficult decisions made on a daily basis, after a renal transplant had to be cancelled due to the condition of the donor kidney. While on a Geriatric ward, I recognised the excellent communication skills and empathy exhibited by doctors breaking bad news to patients. I also witnessed the teamwork needed within a multi-disciplinary team when coordinating discharge planning for patients with complex social situations.

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I have recently begun work as a full-time care assistant in Erskine care home in Edinburgh, helping the residents with their personal care. Although not glamorous, I find the role rewarding because of my interaction with the residents. Having just read Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal, I have reflected on the challenges of balancing each resident’s desire for independence with our duty to ensure their safety.

I took advantage of voluntary teaching opportunities during my first degree to help advance my communication skills. I received the Edinburgh Award for my work leading a peer-assisted learning group for first year students for two years, which involved working with other volunteers to plan and lead sessions. I developed important leadership skills, such as delegation and giving constructive feedback. I also led teaching sessions for visually-impaired children at Edinburgh’s Royal Blind School and enjoyed the challenge of designing lessons that were appropriate but stimulating for the class.

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I am a keen musician and have completed all 8 Associated Board exams in piano, going on to pass my LTCL recital diploma with distinction. I also play French horn to a high level and played in my school’s concert band. I enjoy playing guitar and was a finalist in the UK Young Guitarist of the Year competition in 2011, playing in the Royal Festival Hall in London. I think the discipline required in practising music to this level will serve me well in a medical degree. Sport has been another important outlet from studying, and I have enjoyed playing korfball and running with university teams. I recently tackled a Tough Mudder to raise money for the CJD Support Network charity.

I spent two months conducting solo fieldwork in rural France last year, requiring both resilience and perseverance. This summer, I successfully applied for over £8000 of funding to allow me to conduct two weeks of geological fieldwork with 5 other students in a remote area of southern Greenland. I developed strong teamwork skills both in planning the trip and in working safely in an extremely isolated environment.

I believe the skills I have developed during my first degree will serve me well in the medical profession. My recent experience has ensured that I fully understand the long hours, frustrations and sacrifices ahead. However, I strongly believe that a medical career is the right choice, and I am excited about the fascinating and rewarding journey that lies ahead.

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Please note, this personal statement has been provided for reference purposes only and should not be utilised or replicated. Any attempts at plagiarism will be detected by the automated UCAS plagiarism checker and the dedicated UCAS verification team.

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