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The Oriel application system is the digital gateway for medical professionals seeking career progression in the UK, including those aiming for Specialised Foundation Program (SFP) posts. Understanding the nuances of this platform is essential for a smooth application process. This article aims to guide you through the critical aspects of navigating Oriel for SFP posts.

Understanding Oriel:

Before you can initiate your application for an SFP post, you need to grasp how Oriel functions. It is more than just an application portal; it serves as an integrated platform where you can view vacancies, book interviews, and ultimately receive offers. Oriel centralises the journey of applicants for medical and dental training.

Registering on Oriel

Your first stop is the Oriel Landing Page. Here, you have the option to login if you are already registered. If not, click on the ‘Register’ option from the main menu to create an Oriel account. After registration, you’ll be guided to select your staff group from the ‘Applicant’ options. Your selection will filter the information displayed throughout the platform, tailoring it to your professional background.

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Eligibility and Specialised Units of Application (SUoAs)

Once you are logged in, the next step is to ensure your eligibility for the SFP posts. Eligibility depends on when and where you completed your medical education. For example, UK medical school graduates between 07 August 2022 and 06 August 2024 are automatically eligible for UKFP 2024 and do not require an additional eligibility application. Conversely, those from non-UK medical schools need to submit an eligibility application during a specific window, which for 2023 is from July 4th to July 25th.

Oriel allows you to apply for up to two Specialised Units of Application (SUoAs) alongside your Foundation Programme (FP) application. Each SUoA corresponds to a unique area of specialised training, ranging from academic medicine to surgical sciences. Make sure to choose SUoAs that align with your career aspirations.

Tackling the Main FP Application Form

Oriel’s FP application forms are designed to assess your credentials rigorously. This section is where you can also apply for SUoAs and the Foundation Priority Programme (FPP). The application window for FP and SFPs for 2024 is tight, opening on 20 September 2023 and closing on 4 October 2023 at midday BST. Therefore, preparing in advance is crucial.

Oriel Dashboard

Once your FP application is underway, you’ll need to get accustomed to Oriel’s dashboard, a one-stop location for all your application needs. It consists of several sections: ‘My Applications’, ‘My Vacancies’, ‘My Preferences’, and ‘My Offers’. Regularly visiting these tabs will keep you informed about the current status of your application.

My Applications

This section displays all the programs you have applied to, including your Specialised Foundation Program. Clicking on the application opens up detailed views, allowing you to modify aspects of your application until the deadline.

My Vacancies

Here, you can search for different SFP posts that match your qualifications and interests. Posts are filtered based on your eligibility criteria, ensuring you only see what’s applicable to you.

My Preferences

This is where you can rank the SFP positions you’ve applied for. An effective strategy is to place higher-demand SFPs lower in your preferences to maximise your chances of receiving an offer.

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Document Submission and Verification

Every applicant is required to submit necessary documents for verification. These typically include identity proofs, certificates of professional qualifications, and evidence of right to work in the UK. Oriel uses a secure and confidential system for these uploads. Note that timely submission and accurate verification are critical as they influence subsequent stages, including interviews and offers.


After your application and documents have been reviewed, you’ll receive interview invitations for the SFP posts you’ve applied for. These are often competency-based and require you to demonstrate your aptitude in the specialised areas of your application.

Booking Interviews

Once invited, you can book your interviews through the Oriel system. Make sure to prepare well in advance to make a lasting impression. Resources for preparation include Oriel’s own interview guidelines, mentorship programs, and academic literature specific to your field.

Offers and Acceptance

Assuming your interviews go well, the next stage is the offer. Offers are usually sent via Oriel and will be reflected in the ‘My Offers’ tab. You may receive multiple offers, but you can only accept one. It’s imperative to carefully review all terms and conditions before accepting. Upon receiving an offer, you have a limited window to accept or decline it. Failure to respond within the time frame will result in automatic withdrawal from the SFP.

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