Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

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​What does MMI stand for?

MMI stands for multiple mini interviews.
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​What is an MMI? What is a multiple mini interview?

Multiple mini interviews (MMIs) are an interview format used by a number of medical schools throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and USA. The emphasis is on challenging applicants with a range of scenarios, knowledge based tasks and cases in order to obtain an overall impression of an applicant’s suitability to study Medicine. 

Which universities use MMI?

MMIs are presently used by the following medical schools:

​University of Aberdeen
Birmingham University
Brighton and Sussex Medical School
University of Bristol
Cardiff University
University of Dundee
The University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter

​University of East Anglia
Hull York Medical School
​Imperial College London
Keele University
King’s College London
​Lancaster University Medical School
University of Leeds
University of Leicester
The University of Liverpool

​The University of Manchester
Newcastle University
The University of Nottingham
​Plymouth University, Peninsula Medical School
University of Sheffield
University of St Andrews
St George’s, University of London
Warwick Medical School

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Which universities don’t use MMI?

The following medical schools use a traditional panel based interview format:
​Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Cambridge
University of Glasgow
University of Oxford
University of Southampton
Swansea Medical School
University College London

MMI station types

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Personal Statement Questions
Ethical dilemmas
Case reviews/Ethical articles
Scientific/Medical topics
Data interpretation
Calculation tasks
Role Play Scenarios
Prioritisation Task
Observation Task
Communication focussed stations

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Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

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