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Firstly, if you have made it to this stage congratulations!  Below, I have listed a few types of stations that may come up and have compiled key tips for each of these station formats

Ethics Stations

  • This station will require you to debate certain scenarios or news topics with an ethical component or focus.
  • Ensure you learn and can talk about ethical terms such as: confidentiality, autonomy, justice and beneficence.
  • Mention the pros and cons of both sides of the argument to show that you can appreciate both sides. It is crucial to give a balanced argument before stating your decision rather than blurting out a single one-word answer.
  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person involved in the issue or scenario, in order to empathise with them- it may also give you more to talk about.
  • Update yourself on current news topics that are related to medicine or healthcare as you may be asked to give your views on medical current affairs.
  • Review the Two Sorts;Two Sides of MMI Ethical Stations (Available to MMI Interview Course & MMI Question Bank Subscribers)
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Role Play Stations

  • These stations will involve an actor role playing a scenario to examine how you deal with certain situations.
  • The scenarios can be varied. Examples range from breaking bad news to reassuring a patient or relative.
  • The actor may cry or shout, but it is important that you stay calm and definitely do not get angry or aggressive towards the actor.
  • Treat the situation as if it was real. You may feel unnatural role playing, but it is important that you take this seriously.
  • If the actor gets emotional, e.g. in a breaking the bad news station, offer them tissues or a glass of water. Make sure you reassure them but at the same time don’t be afraid to just pause and let them process the information you have given them. 
  • Ensure that you are able to implement The 6 Stages of MMI Role Play (Available to MMI Interview Course & MMI Question Bank Subscribers)

Data Analysis Stations

  • In these stations you may be presented with data such as a graph or a table. The interviewer will ask you to interpret the graph and some follow up questions relating to it.
  • Voice all your thought processes rather than giving abbreviated answers; the interviewer is not going to know what you’re thinking!
  • The best way to interpret data is with a logical approach such as the BlackStone Tutors 6 Point Approach for Data Analysis. Start by stating what the graph is about (eg. title) and what the Y and X axis represent, even if it may seem obvious. Then start interpreting the graph by describing and explaining what it shows, trying to correlate these findings scientifically. Finally, comment on the data source and the presence of any anomalies (should these be present).
Adapted From: Sciencebasedmedicine.org

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Personal Statement Station

  • This station is comparatively straight forward and involves the interviewer asking you questions about your personal statement, as well as occasionally general medical interview questions.
  • Make sure you know your personal statement extremely well, and can support any statements or claims made.
  • Ensure that you can talk about the benefits or the transferable skills you have gained form doing the things you have talked about on your personal statement.
  • Don’t feel shy to sell yourself!

General MMI Tips

  • When you enter each station walk in confidently, smile and introduce yourself! I always used to say “Hi, my name is Nishita. Nice to meet you!”. First impressions do count!
  • Make sure you make good eye contact throughout the station.
  • Each station is new and marked separately. You may feel a bit annoyed if a station did not go so well, but as soon as you walk out that station forget all about it and read the instructions for the next one. Remember that you can still be successful when a few stations don’t go to plan.
  • You will usually have a minute outside each station to read instructions. Use that time to careful to read the instructions and if you have time remaining, brainstorm your answer.
  • When you get into the station and you don’t think you have fully understood the instructions just ask to look at them again. It is better you do that than not actually answering the question.
  • Just stay calm and positive throughout the interview. You’ll be fine and might even enjoy it in the end!

MMI Tips & Techniques

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