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The 6 Stages of MMI Role Play

We have compiled a list of MMI Role Play Questions & Scenarios from MMI interviews at Medical Schools in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

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You are a GP/family physician. One of your patients, Mark, did not attend one of his classes and missed an important exam. He told you that his teacher would like a doctor’s note explaining his absence from class; otherwise, he will receive zero, and all hell will break loose. He wants to you write a note for him, indicating that he was not feeling well enough to write the exam. Not able to find any physical symptoms, explain how you would deal with this.
You are a 3rd-year medical student doing hospital rotations. A fellow medical student who is doing rounds with you often shows up to these sessions tired, messy, hungover, or even drunk. One day you found him in the lunchroom unaccompanied, so you decided to talk to him. Please enter the lunch room.
Your friend Jason hasn’t come to class for a few days. Being a hardworking pre-med student, he very seldom skips classes. You know that he is applying to medical school in the past several weeks. You called his house and he said you can visit him. You decided to pay him a visit after your classes.
You are a cardiologist at a local hospital, who just finished a shift and has a tight run to your daughter’s high school graduation ceremony. As you headed off to the door, Jennifer, a patient who knew you well, saw you from the waiting room and grabbed your attention. “Doctor! I have a bad chest pain. Please stay for a bit. I’ll feel much better if you were here.” Enter the waiting room and talk to Jennifer.
You are a current undergraduate student. During the week of graduation, you attend a number of parties around the Lower Mainland with your best friend, Kelly. The last party is held at a campground in Squamish. The morning after the party, you receive a call from Kelly. She asks that you come over and talk. Kelly reveals that she left early and drove home despite drinking that night.
You are an emergency room physician at a local hospital. A patient comes in requesting painkillers for his back. Upon reviewing his file, you realize that he frequently comes to the hospital requesting painkillers and he has already capped his prescription for the month. Upon examination, you notice no new injuries to indicate an increase in painkillers. You politely tell the patient that you will not increase his dosage or re-fill out another prescription for him. He tells you that he will go and inject himself with heroin right now if he does not get the painkillers. What do you say next? What do you do? 

Your 5-year-old nephew asks you, “Why is the sky blue?” How would you answer him using a series of simple scientific experiments?
Your company needs both you and a co-worker (Sara, a colleague from another branch of the company, who is gripped by fear of flying since one of her friends narrowly escaped being at the World Trade Centre when it was destroyed) to attend a critical business meeting in San Diego. You have just arrived to drive Sara to the airport. Sara is in the room.
The parking garage at your place of work has assigned parking spots. On leaving your spot, you are observed by the garage attendant as you back into a neighbouring car, a BMW, knocking out its left front headlight and denting the left front fender. The garage attendant gives you the name and office number of the owner of the neighbouring car, telling you that he is calling ahead to the car owner, Tim. The garage attendant tells you that Tim is expecting your visit. Enter Tim’s office.
Your company needs both you and a co-worker (Sara, a colleague from another branch of the company) to attend a critical business meeting in San Diego. You have just arrived to drive Sara to the airport. Sara is anxious regarding her safety. She had a friend who narrowly escaped being at the World Trade Center when it was destroyed. Until now, she had not experienced angst regarding air travel, but presumably, there were latent feelings present, surfacing today with the immediate prospect of flying to San Diego. She had routinely travelled via air in the past, but this is the first time air travel was required since September 11th, 2001. She is gripped with fear over what might happen.
Your next patient is Jennifer who has been trying to have a child for three years; her recent fertility tests have returned and suggest that she is infertile. Call Jennifer into the room when you are ready to see her.
You have agreed to meet Casper to discuss health promotion. Casper is a 53 year old male with two children who had a recent heart attack as well as a background of ‘late onset asthma’. Casper has smoked 30 cigarettes/day since the age of 16.
Jonathan has come to see you requesting antibiotics for a suspected viral illness. Discuss with Jonathan whether antibiotics are necessary.

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