MMI Observation Tasks: The Complete Guide

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What are MMI Observation Tasks?

MMI Observation Tasks involve reviewing an image, video or pre-recorded consultation and commenting or answering questions on your observations. Medical school MMIs will vary in their expectations with some interviews requesting that you review a single image and comment on your findings (with no follow up questions). Other interviews opt for a more conversational approach, with multiple analytical questions and subsequent follow up questions. Medical schools will vary in the duration of the MMI Observation Tasks, with the majority of interviews lasting between 5 and 8 minutes.

​How To Prepare For MMI Observation Tasks?

There are two main methods of preparing for MMI Observation Tasks. The first requires you to search for example medical consultations and offer a balanced analysis of what was done well and potential areas for improvement. Ideally, an interviewer should be present to provide you with feedback and ask follow up questions.

Observation Task preparation also involves reviewing images and offering objective analysis. This is best achieved through reviewing previously unseen images (eg. newspaper images) and analysing images page by page, using a structured approach such as the Outside-In Approach to Observation Tasks.

A range of Observation Tasks and model answers are available in the MMI Question Bank.

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MMI Observation Task Tips

​Outside-In Approach to Observation Tasks – With all image analysis observation tasks, it’s essential to use the ‘Outside-In Approach’; full details of which are included in our MMI Interview Courses and MMI Question Bank. By following this structure approach, you’ll be sure to include all key areas required to succeed in image analysis tasks.

Practice Makes Perfect – Whilst our MMI Question Bank has a great selection of practice questions and model answers, we would also recommend that you make the most of daily practice opportunities, for example when you see a new image online or in a newspaper. 

Offer A Balanced Consultation Analysis – The majority of consultation analysis observation stations involve a consultation which is either subjectively ‘very good’, or ‘very poor’. Despite this, it is essential to offer a balanced analysis including areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. There are a minimum of 5 areas which should be analysed in each consultation; as discussed in our MMI Course Guides.

What Am I Being Assessed On In MMI Observation Tasks?

​MMI assessors are looking for a structured, balanced analysis in image and consultation analysis observation tasks. Many MMI Observation Stations will involve a single analysis task, hence it is important to be able to independently and systematically analyse images or consultations for a minimum of two minutes. 

The BlackStone Tutors MMI Observation Task Mark Scheme is available to candidates attending an MMI Interview Course with past medical school interview mark schemes also included in the MMI Course Guide.

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MMI Example Observation Task

Analyse the image below and subsequently explain your observations to the examiner.

Model Answer: ​Click Here (Available to MMI Question Bank Subscribers)

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MMI Observation Tasks: The Complete Guide

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