MMI Data Analysis: The Complete Guide

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What is MMI Data Analysis?

MMI Data Analysis involves reviewing a table, graph or data source and commenting on the key findings or answering specific questions regarding the data.

Medical schools will vary in the length of these scenarios, with the majority of medical schools having interview stations between five and eight minutes. Example scenarios include reviewing a graph on the function of a body system (eg. the heart) and being asked to comment on the data shown.

How To Prepare For Data Analysis Stations?

Data Analysis stations are fairly easy to prepare for; we would recommend simply opening any Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics textbook and reviewing the first graph or table that you encounter. Comment on the graph findings in a systematic manner such as the 6 Step Approach for MMI Data Analysis, and have a friend, family member or professional interviewer ask you appropriate follow up questions. We also recommend that you refresh your knowledge of biological body systems, as these are a common source of data analysis questions. 

A range of past medical school data analysis scenarios and model answers are available in the MMI Question Bank.

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MMI Data Analysis Tips

​The 6 Step Approach For MMI Data Analysis – Having an awareness and being able to implement the 6 Step Approach for Data Analysis is absolutely essential to succeeding in MMI Interviews. The temptation for most students is to comment on the specific data, without considering other preceding important factors first (eg. data title and axis). For further information, attend an MMI Interview Course or review the MMI Question Bank.

Don’t Ignore The Obvious – Medical schools will vary in the challenge of their data analysis scenarios; irrespective of this, it is essential to comment on all relevant findings however obvious they may seem. Whilst it may be of no surprise to you that an athletes heart rate increases with exercise, failure to mention this in a graph demonstrating the association between exercise and heart rate, will limit your ability to score highly.

When You Don’t Know Where To Start… – Some medical schools are notorious for including extremely difficult data analysis MMI stations. The chances are, if you don’t understand the data content, other applicants will be similarly challenged. In these cases, the interviewers are assessing your ability to deal with an unfamiliar situation, and assess your ability to feed off their input. Hence, in these scenarios comment on the obvious features eg. title, axis and analyse the data as best you can, listening carefully to input from interviewers. The more objective analysis you offer, the more likely the interviewer will engage and assist you analyse the data source. Candidates simply saying ‘I’m not sure…’ are often met with a silent station.

​​What Am I Being Assessed On In MMI Data Analysis Stations?

​The MMI Data Analysis Stations are assessing three main areas. The first is the ability to offer a systematic approach such as the 6 Step Approach to Data Analysis. The second is knowledge base; unlike other MMI stations, data analysis stations often require a firm knowledge base (often A Level content) in order to explain the data trend. Finally, whilst some interviewers will not offer any input in data analysis stations, the majority of interviewers, will offer subtle input and thus assess your ability to respond to prompts in challenging situations. 

The BlackStone Tutors MMI Data Analysis Mark Scheme is available to candidates attending an MMI Interview Course with past medical school interview mark schemes also included in the MMI Course Guide.

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MMI Data Analysis Example Scenario

​Review the graph below and explain your findings:

Content modified from www.diabetesdaily.com
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MMI Data Analysis: The Complete Guide

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