MMI Calculation Questions: The Complete Guide

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What are MMI Calculation Tasks?

MMI Calculation Tasks can test a range of different concepts ranging from drug calculations to concentrations, volumes and flow rates. Some medical schools will have one or two calculation questions as an individual station, whereas other medical schools include a number of calculation questions to create a calculation test, as part of the interview process.

How To Prepare For Calculation Questions?

Many of the different calculation questions require an individualised approach and specific techniques rather than a ‘one technique fits all’ approach. We have included a number of these techniques in our MMI Calculation Stations video tutorial which is available to MMI Course attendees and MMI Question Bank subscribers. Additionally, practice makes perfect in these stations- as well as knowledge of techniques, time efficiency is essential given the time pressure in these stations.

A range of past medical school calculation questions and model answers are available in the MMI Question Bank.

MMI Calculation Stations Video Tutorial

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MMI Question Bank
MMI Question Bank

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Past Interview Questions

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MMI Calculation Question Tips

​Concentrations, Volumes & Flow Rates – Whilst there are a large range of potential calculation questions; concentrations, volumes and flow rates are common recurring topics. We would recommend you strongly to review your knowledge of these important topics, as well as practicing a range of these questions under timed conditions. For further information, attend an MMI Interview Course or review the MMI Question Bank.

Nursing & Pharmacy – Whilst our MMI Question Bank has a great selection of practice questions and model answers, for additional practice, we would recommend attempting nursing and pharmacy calculation questions. These are often very similar to the calculation tasks faced in medical school calculation MMI stations.

When You Don’t Know Where To Start… – The majority of calculation questions will require multiple steps to obtain the correct answer. As such, when you don’t know where to start, work with the data provided to take some steps (even if you don’t think that these are directly related to the answer); in many cases it is these missing figures which are needed to complete the task.

Time Pressure – Given enough time, most students would be able to obtain the correct answers for MMI Calculation Questions. However, with the pressure of the interview and limited time, these (often manageable) calculation tasks are made considerably more difficult. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that all practice is completed under strict timed conditions in order to best reflect the interview environment.

​​What Am I Being Assessed On In MMI Calculation Tasks?

​First, and foremost, it is about obtaining the correct answer(s) in the limited time available. When it is not possible to obtain the correct answer, offering logical steps towards the answer with written working can help to score some marks. So make sure that you always include your working, in order to maximise your performance in Calculation Tasks.

The BlackStone Tutors MMI Mark Schemes are available to candidates attending an MMI Interview Course with past medical school interview mark schemes also included in the MMI Course Guide.

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MMI Example Calculation Tasks

​You are required to give a patient 4.0g of a new chemotherapy agent Busapar. This comes as a 30% (w/v) solution in bags containing 750ml. What volume of the 750ml bag would you have remaining after preparing the required solution?
Please provide your answer to 2 decimal places.

Model Answer: Click Here (Available to MMI Question Bank Subscribers)

You are asked to assist the nursing staff in giving medication to a patient weighing 70kg. The recommended medication dose is 2.5mg/kg. A syringe is prepared containing 350mg in 2ml. What volume of the solution in the syringe do you need to administer?


Model Answer: Click Here (Available to MMI Question Bank Subscribers)

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MMI Calculation Questions: The Complete Guide

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