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There is no set minimum UCAT score. The UCAT does not have a strict pass mark, per se, and the UCAT score required to secure an interview will depend on the year of application, the universities applied to and other aspects of your application (e.g. academic achievements, personal statement, relevant work experience and predicted grades). However, by analysing the entry requirements of different Medical Schools and looking at the data obtained around previous test scores, it is possible to come up with approximate scores to aim for in order to secure a place at your chosen University.

How are UCAT scores scaled?

The UCAT comprises four subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning & Abstract Reasoning), the raw scores for which are converted into scaled scores. Each of the subtests has a scaled test score range of between 300 and 900 creating total UCAT scores that range from 1200 to 3600. The final section of the UCAT is graded using a banded system from 1-4 and some Universities place much less emphasis on this result. A scaled score of 900 can be achieved without answering 100% of the questions correctly. This is because scaled scores take into account the overall performance of the cohort and ensures that the standard of difficulty for the tests remains similar from year to year.

Mean scores

Each year, depending on the performance of the cohort of students who take the UCAT, the mean score will vary, as will the thresholds for deciles and percentiles. Here are the most recent mean scores which shows the slight variation from year to year:









Based on historical estimations and UCAT experience, a scaled score of 600 for a subtest can be achieved by answering approximately 50% of the questions correctly, although this varies slightly for each of the subtests.

So, what is a good UCAT score?

Generally, a good score for a section would be classed as 660-700, a very good score would be between 700 and 750 with scores greater than this being excellent.

So, what would be the minimum UCAT score?

The answer to this depends on several factors. Each University places slightly different emphasis on the importance of the UCAT when deciding which students to offer places to. Some Universities use a cut-off threshold below which they do not invite candidates for interview. Therefore, in these cases, absolute minimum UCAT scores (based on recent analysis of these Universities’ admissions policies) would be as follows:







Peninsula Medical School






Hull York

Medical School


St Andrew’s




St George’s (London)


If, however, you apply to a University that does not use a cut-off threshold, the minimum score required could be lower, because it is likely that they are taking into account other factors such as the strength of your personal statement, your predicted grades and any relevant work experience.

Minimum Band required in Situational Judgement

You may have achieved a high score in the UCAT, but what happens if you are awarded Band 4 in Situational Judgement? Well, this will impact your ability to apply to certain Universities and as such, Band 3 would be your minimum requirement. These are the Universities who generally do not invite applicants with Band 4 for interview:

Anglia Ruskin

Hull York Medical School







What other factors affect a minimum score?

As mentioned, UCAT scores vary from year to year and so the year of application will also have a slight impact on what deems a minimum score. For example, Newcastle and Southampton review their UCAT score thresholds each year. Similarly, some Universities rank their applicants according to performance and therefore in a year where the overall standard of candidates is lower, you may secure an interview with a lower UCAT score. This includes: Queen Mary (University of London), Manchester and Warwick.

Remember that the majority of Universities use a combination of UCAT scores, academic achievements and personal statements to provide them with a holistic view of the applicant and who to prioritise for interviewing. The higher the UCAT score you can achieve, the wider your choice of Medical Schools will be, and the more likely you will be selected for interview.

In summary, it is hard to estimate an absolute minimum UCAT score for Medicine, but certain Universities will set their own minimum through the use of cut-off thresholds. Also, some will expect at least Band 3 for Situational Judgement. All other factors considered, we aim for all of our BlackStone Tutors UCAT Course Students to score in excess of 700 in order to optimise their chances of securing a place at the University of their choice.

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