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Overview & Tuition Fees

The 6 year MD program at the Medical University of Warsaw is for both high school graduates and university graduates. The program awards an MD degree, and students receive a medical diploma that is recognised in Poland, the European Union, USA, Canada and the majority of other countries around the world. The program is made up of three pre-clinical years (consisting of lectures and seminars) and three clinical years (consisting of clinical classes in hospitals, medical simulation teaching, and internships). Students are taught across six different hospitals, both University clinical hospitals and affiliated hospitals across Warsaw. There have been more than 1000 graduates since 1993, and the teaching goes beyond minimum requirements, with more than 5700 hours and 36 ECTS per year. Basic science is provided through lectures, seminars and practical classes – there are more than 70 departments and clinics that provide this. Students can also write the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step I, after they have completed the 3-year preclinical curriculum, and can also sit the USMLE Step II after completing their clinical training.

Fees are made up of a place confirmation of 400 EUR, then 15,100 EUR for the first year of study, and 14,900 EUR for each subsequent year. Tuition can be paid in full, or in instalments subject to approval.

Medical University of Warsaw Key Application & Interview Statistics

There are no interviews at this medical school – the acceptance rate is 45%, enrollment is 9885, and the male female ratio is 1:3.

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Medical University of Warsaw Application Information

As stated, at the time of writing there is NO interview for the Medical University of Warsaw. However, you will need to consider sitting the UCAT or BMAT. The overall requirements are as follows:

You must ‘have a high school-leaving examination certificate OR secondary education diploma OR equivalent which entitles you to be considered for admission to a university program in the country it was obtained.’

Your grades must include Biology, with a passing grade, and the level ‘must be equivalent to the extended level of the written baccalaureate examination.’
For chemistry, you must also have a passing grade, with the subject level equivalent again to the  extended level of the written baccalaureate examination. In either Physics, or Maths, you must have either the standard of extended level of the written baccalaureate examination.

You may also be assessed on your university GPA if you hold a BSc or MSc in Life Sciences – if this is the case, it also means that you will not need to sit an additional competency test.

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You then receive an overall qualification score that is made up of two criteria. These are:

Criterion 1. Your final grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics on

your high school-leaving examination certificate (high school diploma).

Criterion 2: Your score from one of the following tests: Medical University of Warsaw English Division competency test, BMAT, MCAT, GAMSAT, UCAT.

If you are a UK student, it is advisable to choose from either the UCAT or BMAT.

Alternatively, if you already hold a BSc or MSc (as stated above) you will simply be assessed based on your university GPA, and not have to therefore satisfy criteria 2.

Additionally, you must be able to prove your fluency in English. This can be done through any of the following:

– citizenship of a country in which English is the official language

– IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate)

– EB Diploma (Issued in Brussels)

– completion of secondary or post-secondary education with English as language of instruction

– Language certificates recognized by the Medical University of Warsaw:

IELTS Academic – Overall Band Score at least 6.5 points

TOEFL iBT – at least 87 points

TOEFL PBT – at least 547 points (at least 210 points in the computer system)

TOEIC – at least 700 points

– Polish baccalaureate examination (egzamin maturalny) with the result of the written examination in English (advanced level) of at least 83%

– Candidates who completed their secondary education in Scandinavian countries:

Norway: grade in English in secondary school at least: 4

Sweden: grade in English in secondary school at least: VG or C

Denmark: grade in English in secondary school at least: 7

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