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Overview & Tuition Fees

The Medical University of Silesia is in Katowice. Classes here have been taught in English for more than 20 years, a long lineage of students. In 2019, students began also completing their studies in English in the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze. The university has a great history, and the campus reflects this, although the atmosphere is ‘friendly and kind’ rather than stuffy and academic. Expect to find students from around the world here, with independence from the outset expected. There are student halls near the Zabrze-Rokitnica Campus, very close to the Medical Units and Departments – typically, first and second year students will choose to live here. The medical campus provides students not just with somewhere to study, but also a pleasant and traditional atmosphere, characteristic of the region that the university is in – the Southern region of Śląsk. Tuition fees are 14000 € (7 200 USD) / year, payable in 2 instalments (at the beginning of each semester) from the first to IV year, then 270 Euro or 418 USD per week for clinical training in Poland or 100 Euro or 144 USD per 1 week for clinical training outside of Poland in the final two years. Additionally, from years III to IV, you may pay 1080 euro for 4 weeks of summer clerkship. Admission is based on results in compulsory subjects – biology and one of chemistry, physics, maths or physics with astronomy, plus a further exam.

The overview application process is as follows: you will need to make an account on the university’s online platform. Then, you will pay an application fee of 85 PLN. Then, verify your online application and post the printed & signed application form with original or notarised copies of all required documents to the University’s mailing address. You will then be required to attend the entrance exam, assuming that your qualifying documents were satisfactory. There is more information available on the entrance exam below.

A ranking list will then be published when the entire qualification procedure is complete.

Medical University of Silesia Medicine Interview Format

The interview is an oral test of knowledge, combined with a written component. The exam is graded on a scale of points from 0-100 for each subject chosen by the candidate required in the recruitment process. In other words, you should expect the exam to largely focus on Biology and Chemistry, for most. You will be given 15 minutes in which to prepare for this oral exam.

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Medical University of Silesia Key Application & Interview Statistics

The overall acceptance rate at the Medical University of Silesia is 41%, with a total enrollment of 9500. There is no data available on the number of students who are given an interview.

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Medical University of Silesia Past MMI Stations & Interview Questions

For biology, you might find the following questions:

What is the basic function of mitochondria?
Name Fat-Soluble Vitamins and describe their functions.
Describe the structure and function of animal cells’ plasma membranes.
What is meiosis?
Describe the major blood constituents of blood.
Why are people with blood group 0 donors known as ‘universal donors’?
What does the term haploid mean?
What are the first 2 levels of protein structure?
What is a chromatin?

For chemistry, you might have the following questions:

Define reversible reaction. When will this kind of reaction reach equilibrium?
Name the group of hydrocarbons with carbon-carbon triple bond. Give the molecular formula and the name of the compound from this group with 4 carbons.
Define mass percent concentration. How many grams of water are there in 100g of 10% solution of glucose.
What is polymerization? What hydrocarbons undergo polymerization?
Name the product of reaction of benzene with nitric acid. Is it a substitution or addition reaction?
What is the functional group in alcohols? What is the product of oxidation of primary alcohol?
What is the product of ketone reduction? Name the product of propanone reduction.
What are constitutional isomers? Are methanal and methanol these kinds of isomers?
What are similarities and differences between glucose and fructose?
What are organic esters? Name the ester with two carbons in its structure.
What are functional groups in amino acids?

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