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Overview & Tuition Fees

The Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad was founded in 1960, and officially opened in the first year. In 1964, the first doctoral dissertation was defended. In 1965, the Faculty’s building was finished.

The faculty sets out to train students through combining education, research, and healthcare activities, through the use of IT and electronic learning, through creativity and a critical approach, and through ‘active didactic approaches’ – likely problem-based or case-based learning.

The faculty is committed to research and expanding education, and to adapting to the changing healthcare environment – it intends to become ‘a part of the integrated European area of education and research in medicine, and to be one of the well-organised faculties of Southeast Europe’ within the next ten years.

The tuition fees are 6500 EUR per year. 

Medical University of Novi Sad Medicine Interview & Exam Format

Admission of students for the Medicine program in English is open to those who have graduated from secondary school, a pharmacy school or a medical four year course, and are fluent in English. English fluency must be supported by relevant certificates (IELTS, TOEFL) – otherwise it will be tested through an interview. Candidates who are native speakers of English or had their education in English are exempt. All candidates must sit an entrance exam that covers both Biology and Chemistry. These are conducted at the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad, although students who cannot attend on-site can sit an on-line exam. The English Language test is held on the same day as the Biology and Chemistry tests. 

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Medical University of Novi Sad Medicine Key Application & Interview Statistics

The admissions rate at the Medical University of Novi Sad is 65%, making this a moderately competitive EU university for Medicine in English.

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Medical University of Novi Sad Medicine Past Exam & Interview Questions


Ecological pyramid is a graphical representation that illustrates:

a range of changes in environmental factors
B. the collection of all adaptive characteristics of an organism
C. the spatial distribution of individuals in the population
D. feeding relationships in a biocenosis
E. stratification of a biocenosis

A man of normal phenotype (whose mother had achondroplasia) and a healthy woman had a son. What is the probability that their son inherited this disorder?

A. 75% 52.
B. 50%
C. 33%
D. 25%
E. 0%

Genes B and D are attached, and the genotype of a person is BbDd. Both dominant alleles are on the same chromosome. Recombination occurred between the gene loci B and D. Mark only the gametes which result from the recombination.

A. BD and bd
B. BD and Bd
C. bd and Bd
D. Bd and bD
E. bd and Bd

Choose the correct statement:

A. Spliceosomes participate in the process of intron transcription removal.
B. Exons are never removed during the processing of primary transcription.
C. The primary transcription needs to be transported from the nucleus to the cytoplasm before the process of intron transcription removal.
D. The process of intron transcription removal is carried out according to the same principle both in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms.
E. All the statements are correct.

During the G1 phase of the cell cycle the number of chromatids is:

A. twice the number of chromosomes in the cell
B. twice lower than the number of chromatids at the beginning of the G2 phase in the same cell C. twice the number of chromatids at the end of the G2 phase in the same cell
D. twice lower than the haploid number of chromosomes
E. None of the answers is correct.


For the equilibrium reaction: C(s) + CO2(g)2CO(g), at a certain temperature, equilibrium constant is 2.20 x 10‐2 mol/dm3. If the concentration of CO in an equilibrium mixture is 0.014 mol/dm3, what will be the concentration of CO2?

A) 1.571 mol/dm3
B) 0.636 mol/dm3
C) 0.00636 mol/dm3
D) 8.9 x 10‐3 mol/dm3
E) 3.1 x 10‐3 mol/dm3

Reaction of silver with dilute nitric acid results in the production of silver‐nitrate, nitrogen(II)‐oxide and water. What volume of the gas in cm3 is released by dissolution of 16.2 g of silver? (Ar(Ag) = 108)

A) 560
B) 3360
C) 1120
D) 336
E) 1.12

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