Medical MMI Questions: Medical Knowledge and Motivation

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As part of your MMIs it’s highly likely that your motivation for Medicine will be probed. Whilst your knowledge of specific aspects of Medicine (disease processes or treatments, for example) will not be tested, your knowledge of the wider field and trends may well be. The following is an extensive list of possible questions that you may face in this area.

MMI Questions on Medicine and Healthcare

If the Prime Minister were to ask your advice on one change that could be applied to the NHS  that would improve it significantly, what change would you suggest?

What do you know about health care delivery systems abroad?

Statistics have shown that the effects of advanced age such as changes in vision and response time may have a deleterious effect on elderly drivers’ ability to drive safely. Therefore many doctors discuss the issue of stopping driving with their older patients as a precaution for the safety of theirs as well as the public. Do you think older drivers ought to give up driving when they reach a certain age?

Which medical related journals, newspapers and publications do you read to stay in touch with new medical discoveries and current events?

Why does the US spend so much money on healthcare and get such poor results compared to other countries? 

How would you spend £1,000,000,000 to improve healthcare in the UK?

What is wrong with the health care sector today and what would you do to fix it?

What are the biggest problems facing healthcare today?

Why is there so much inequality in health care delivery worldwide?

Name three significant healthcare problems in developing countries.

What are the issues around health coverage for the elderly, especially when resources are limited?

Why do you think HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in Africa?

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Do you think that HIV education in Africa really makes a difference without tackling the underlying cultural difference? Without sustained presence, does a short-term program do any good?

Do you think medicine should be more about changing behaviour to prevent disease or treating existing disease?

Why do you want to be a physician?

What kind of speciality would you like to practise?

What are your motivations, and why haven’t you chosen another career of equal difficulty or prestige, like Law?

What experiences have you had that you believe have given you an insight into the world of a physician?

Why is research so important in medicine and should medical students be obliged to carry out research projects?

What do you think about cosmetic dermatology and the doctors who pursue it?

What would be your biggest fear in practising medicine?

What would be some of the things you would consider in treating a patient who is in chronic/incurable pain?

What do you expect to most enjoy about Medicine, and what do you expect to least enjoy?

What do you consider is the greatest challenge for doctors?

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What are some of the major issues in the world concerning healthcare?

Why do you want to study medicine here?

What are some of the attributes required to be a good physician?

What is the GMC?

What is the GMC’s Duties of Doctor guidance?

What is the GMC’s Good Medical Practice documentation?

What sorts of challenges do you anticipate as a medical student, and as a doctor?

What are the pros and cons of self-directed learning and problem-based learning?

Do you believe that it’s fair for doctors to go overseas and volunteer for organisations like MSF, when there are such pressing issues at home?

Do you believe it’s fair for doctors to work as locums and take a much higher wage than they might otherwise receive through the NHS?

If you could meet anyone in the history of medicine, who would you choose and why?

Which medical related newspapers, journals or publications do you read to stay in touch with new medical discoveries, and current events?

What are some of the most exciting developments that you are aware of in Medicine in the past 100 years?

How do you expect Medicine to change and the practice of Medicine to evolve in the next 50 years? How about in the next 20 years?

Medical MMI Questions: Medical Knowledge and Motivation

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