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Manchester Grammar School Overview & Information

Manchester Grammar School, located in Manchester, England, is a leading independent day school for boys. Esteemed for its academic excellence, the school offers an education from Junior School through to Sixth Form. With a heritage of scholarship and innovation, Manchester Grammar School emphasises a balanced approach to education, blending rigorous academics with a wide array of extracurricular activities.

The school is committed to nurturing intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and individual growth, preparing students for successful futures both academically and personally. Its ethos centres on recognizing and developing each student’s unique talents, fostering a supportive and challenging environment. The school’s approach to education is designed to produce well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Manchester Grammar School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ admission process at Manchester Grammar School is distinct and comprehensive, focusing on assessing boys holistically rather than solely on academic statistics.

Assessment Day:

  • The process begins with an Assessment Day that includes a Maths lesson, a topic-based lesson, group activities, and creative writing. Importantly, the content taught on this day is not pre-studied material, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates.
  • This approach evaluates boys’ ability to engage with new concepts, collaborate with peers, and demonstrate their problem-solving and creative skills.

Entrance Examination Day:

  • Scheduled for January, the Entrance Examination Day comprises two English papers and two Arithmetic papers.
  • These exams assess a range of skills including comprehension, linguistic ability, arithmetic proficiency, and numerical reasoning. The English papers focus on reading, analytical skills, and creative expression, while the Arithmetic papers evaluate mathematical understanding and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Post-exams, boys participate in various activities reflective of the school’s extracurricular offerings. This part of the day provides insights into the breadth of opportunities available at Manchester Grammar School.

Interviews and School Reference:

  • Following the written assessments, the school considers the boys for interviews, taking into account their performance in exams and a reference from their current school.
  • The interview process is an integral part of the admissions criteria, allowing the school to understand each candidate’s unique personality and potential.
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Manchester Grammar School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

Maths Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 2

Maths Sample Paper 3

Maths Sample Paper 4

Maths Sample Paper 5

Maths Sample Paper 6

Maths Sample Paper 7

Maths Sample Paper 8

Maths Sample Paper 9

Maths Sample Paper 10

Maths Sample Paper 11

Maths Sample Paper 12

Maths Sample Paper 13

Maths Sample Paper 14

Maths Sample Paper 15

Maths Sample Paper 16

Manchester Grammar School Ranking

Manchester Grammar School ranks as one of the top independent schools in the UK. Its reputation for academic excellence is bolstered by outstanding results in public examinations, including GCSEs and A-Levels. 88.3% of GCSE grades were A* or A, and 71% of A level grades were A* or A in the most recent data.

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Manchester Grammar School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The 11+ exams at Manchester Grammar School cover several key areas, and preparation for these requires a focused approach.

Mathematics: The Assessment Day includes a Maths lesson that evaluates problem-solving and numerical reasoning. Boys should be comfortable with Key Stage 2 mathematics, including arithmetic, basic algebra, and geometry. Practice should involve a variety of problems to enhance analytical skills and the ability to apply mathematical concepts.

English: The English papers test comprehension and creative writing. Reading a wide range of texts is crucial for developing strong comprehension skills. Boys should practise identifying main ideas, themes, and drawing inferences from texts. For creative writing, regular practice in crafting narratives, descriptions, and responses to prompts is essential. Focus on developing a clear writing style, rich vocabulary, and correct grammar and punctuation.

Creative Writing: On the Assessment Day, creative writing skills are assessed. Encourage writing that showcases imagination, coherency, and engagement with the reader. Experimentation with different genres can also be beneficial.

Manchester Grammar School 11+ Success Rate

11+ success rate is not publicly available.

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