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Magdalen College School Overview & Information

Magdalen College School (MCS), a historic and highly esteemed boys’ independent school, is located in Oxford. Founded in 1480 by William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor, MCS has a rich legacy of academic excellence and a reputation for fostering intellectual curiosity and creativity. The school has more than 800 pupils and offers a vibrant educational environment. Its ethos is characterised by a balance of rigorous academics and a wide array of extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded development for its students. MCS prides itself on providing ‘rigorous but relaxed’ and ‘ambitious but down to earth’ education, aiming to develop not only scholastic achievements but also personal growth and social skills. With a strong focus on individual talents and a supportive community, MCS creates an environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

Magdalen College School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance examination at Magdalen College School is a comprehensive assessment held in January for Year 7 admissions. The exam format includes three main components:

  • 1) Verbal Reasoning: This 45-minute test requires written responses and does not include multiple-choice questions. Before the test begins, candidates have the opportunity to work through sample questions with a staff member, clarifying any queries.
  • 2) Mathematics: Lasting for 1 hour, the Mathematics test is conducted without the use of calculators. It encompasses topics from the National Curriculum Year 5 Programme of Study, with some elements from Year 6. The focus is on assessing the candidates’ understanding and application of mathematical concepts.
  • 3) English: This 1-hour test includes both a fiction composition and a non-fiction composition, with a choice of questions within each section. The assessment evaluates spelling, punctuation, handwriting, and the ability to write clearly and effectively. Creativity and flair in writing are also important aspects of this evaluation.
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Magdalen College School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 1

Magdalen College School Ranking

Magdalen College School (MCS) is renowned for its academic excellence and consistently high standards. While specific rankings can vary based on different criteria, the school is known for impressive results at both GCSE and A-Level. For instance, in the 2022 A-Level exams, 53% of the marks were A* (or the Pre-U equivalent), with 88% being A*-A, and 97% A*-B. These results reflect the school’s strong academic ethos and its success in preparing students for higher education, particularly at prestigious universities. 

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Magdalen College School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

Preparing for the Magdalen College School (MCS) 11+ exams requires a focused and structured approach, particularly given the diverse range of skills tested across various subjects. The exam consists of Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and English components, each designed to assess different academic abilities.

For the Verbal Reasoning section, the focus is on logical and analytical skills. This area demands that students think critically and problem-solve effectively. Regular engagement in activities that promote these skills, such as puzzles and word games, can be particularly beneficial. It’s also important to familiarise the student with various types of verbal reasoning questions, including those involving word relationships, anagrams, and codes. Consistent practice with these question types will build versatility and confidence.

Practice tests are invaluable in helping students get accustomed to the format, and they improve the ability to work under the constraints of time.

The Mathematics paper, based on the Year 5 National Curriculum with some elements from Year 6, requires a solid grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts. Emphasising the understanding and application of these concepts is crucial, rather than relying solely on memorization. This involves engaging in a variety of mathematical exercises, particularly focusing on mental arithmetic and problem-solving skills. Time management is a critical skill in this section, so practising with timed papers will enable students to answer questions accurately and efficiently within the allocated time frame.

In the English exam, students are tested on both fiction and non-fiction composition, calling for a strong command of various writing styles. Reading widely and critically is essential in developing an understanding of different genres and writing techniques. Regular writing practice, encompassing a range of topics and styles, is necessary to improve skills in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clear expression of ideas. Creativity and the ability to articulate thoughts with originality and flair are also key aspects evaluated in this section. Encouraging students to express their ideas uniquely and providing constructive feedback on their writing can significantly enhance their performance.

Magdalen College School 11+ Success Rate

Specific success rates for the MCS 11+ entrance exam are not publicly disclosed.

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