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Overall Guide to Latymer Upper School

Latymer Upper School is ‘one of the leading co-educational day schools in the country’ and thus seen as one of the absolute best in London. Founded in 1624 by Edward Latymer, the school was originally for the education of poor boys from Hammersmith – a small group of only 8 to begin with. This attitude of helping others and including those with less has persisted until today, and the school has made waves for its goal to have one in four pupils receiving a bursary by the year 2024. It’s already at a figure of one in five, so this is certainly achievable. The school today has more than 1400 pupils, an equal mixture of boys and girls.

Alongside the goal to widen access to the school, Edward Latymer’s vision remains too in the fact that community outreach is a prominent part of the sixth form, with pupils volunteering in a range of different roles and locations.

As well as its charitable ambitions, the school manages to consistently top leaderboards and receive awards. TES, the education publication, recently awarded Latymer three different awards – Best Independent School, Best Senior School, and Best Independent-State Partnership. They concluded that it is ‘putting the best possible case for being a public school in this day and age.’

As a result, of its success, admission is highly competitive – there are an incredible 11 applicants for each place at 11+.

Latymer Upper School Ranking & Results

The most recent results are very strong, with 96% of GCSEs being graded 7-9 (A and A*) whilst 80% of A Levels were graded A*- A. 15% of students go to Oxbridge, and many are now also heading to the US to study at Ivy League institutions.

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Latymer Upper School Curriculum

The school states that it has ‘chosen what we see to be the best parts of the British education system’ and combined this with additional inspiration from elsewhere. This means that there are courses like Global Goals in Year 9, or the World Perspectives course at GCSE. Additionally, Electives in Sixth Form allow students to move outside of the traditional curriculum in search of more challenges.

At GCSE, the core subjects are English and English Literature, Mathematics, two of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), a Modern Language, and the internally assessed World Perspectives course. Additionally, students can choose from optional subjects. These are:

Biology/Chemistry/Physics, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, Greek, History, Geography, Computer Science, Religious Studies, Drama, Design, Art and Music.

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What is the admission process at Latymer Upper School?

The school sets its own English and Mathematics papers – samples are available on the website, although there are no answers or mark scheme. There is one maths paper of 60 minutes’ duration, and two English papers covering comprehension (35 minutes) and creative writing (45 minutes). There is a 20 minute break after the Maths paper. Students that do well in this exam will be invited back to the School for an interview so that staff can ‘assess whether Latymer is the right school for them.’

What kind of questions are asked at interview at Latymer Upper School?

School and Subject
What do you like about Latymer in particular?
What’s your current school like compared to this one?
What do you think makes a good school?
What makes a good student?
Which school subject do you think is most important?
How do you make sure that you do your homework well?
If you were made head teacher of your school, what changes would you make?
What makes you a good fit for your school?
What makes someone a good member of their community?

What is the difference between poetry and prose?
What would your mean score be if you got 75% in one exam and 85% in the other?
If you flip an unbiased coin four times in a row, what is the probability of getting tails every time?
How would you calculate the probability of not getting a 6 on a 6 sided die?
What is ¾ of 800?
Is it possible to write an entire book in poetry?
What do you think the difference between English language and literature is?

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