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Latymer Upper School Overview & Information

Latymer Upper School, located in the vibrant area of Hammersmith in London, boasts a rich history dating back to its foundation in the 17th century. This prestigious independent day school, with its blend of traditional heritage and progressive educational philosophy, offers an outstanding learning experience for its 1,300 students. Known for academic excellence, the school provides a diverse and rigorous curriculum that spans a wide range of subjects, fostering intellectual curiosity and encouraging creative thinking.

The school’s commitment to holistic development is reflected in its extensive co-curricular program. This program includes sports, arts, music, and numerous clubs and societies, ensuring that students have opportunities to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom. This well-rounded approach is instrumental in nurturing students who are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Latymer’s ethos, which combines traditional values with innovative and forward-thinking teaching methods, ensures a vibrant and stimulating environment. The school is dedicated to nurturing talent and character, focusing on individual student growth. This nurturing environment helps students develop essential life skills, resilience, and adaptability, preparing them for future success in various fields.

The school also places a strong emphasis on community and social responsibility. It encourages students to engage in community service and outreach programs, fostering a sense of social awareness and responsibility. This focus on community engagement complements the academic and co-curricular offerings, making Latymer Upper School a comprehensive and enriching place for education.

Latymer Upper School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance exam at Latymer Upper School for Year 7 entry consists of written examinations in English and Mathematics. The Mathematics paper is a 60-minute assessment, focusing on the Key Stage 2 curriculum. It evaluates students’ understanding and application of mathematical concepts. The English examination is divided into two parts: a 35-minute comprehension and multiple-choice paper, and a 45-minute creative writing paper. The comprehension section assesses students’ ability to understand and interpret text, while the creative writing section tests their expressive and narrative skills. Following the written examinations, successful candidates are invited to participate in a half-day interview session. This session includes immersive learning activities in classroom settings and a one-to-one interview, providing an opportunity for the academic team to assess the candidates’ character, curiosity, and adaptability to the school’s learning environment.

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Latymer Upper School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

Maths Sample Paper 1

Latymer Upper School Ranking

Latymer Upper School ranked 26th amongst UK independent schools in the latest data, with 75.2% A* and A grades at A Level.

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Latymer Upper School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

Preparing for the Latymer Upper School 11+ exams requires focused strategies to excel in English and Mathematics. For English, students are tested on comprehension and creative writing. Extensive reading across various genres improves comprehension skills and vocabulary. Practising summarising, inferring, and critically analysing texts sharpens comprehension abilities. In creative writing, emphasis on developing narrative structures, using imagery effectively, and maintaining grammatical accuracy is key. Writing exercises should include a variety of styles to enhance expressive skills.

In Mathematics, the focus is on the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Regular practice with arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and particularly problem-solving questions is crucial. Understanding the application of mathematical concepts in different scenarios and developing a methodical approach to solving complex problems are essential. Time-bound practice sessions are valuable for improving speed and accuracy.

Consistent practice, understanding the format of the papers, and focusing on areas of improvement are vital for success in these exams. Mock exams under timed conditions can help students build endurance and manage time effectively. Regular feedback and review sessions after practice tests are beneficial for identifying strengths and areas that require more focus. Maintaining a balanced study routine, with sufficient breaks and a focus on overall well-being, can aid in ensuring students are mentally prepared for the challenges of the exam.

Latymer Upper School 11+ Success Rate

The success rate for the Latymer Upper School 11+ exams is not publicly disclosed, but it is known to be competitive.

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