Lady Eleanor Holles Interview Questions and Key Information

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Overall Guide to Lady Eleanor Holles

LEH is an independent girls’ school in Hampton, West London. The school currently consists of a junior school and senior school, which are both on the same 24 acre site. The school is a member of the HMC. It was founded in 1710 in Cripplegate as a charity school for the education of 50 poor girls, although by the late 19th century it had expanded to educate more than 300 girls.

LEH is located next to Hampton School, an independent school for boys, and pupils between the schools take part in many of the same activities. Both schools ‘value the integrity of single-sex education… with all the resulting advantages for specialisation and focus in learning styles, emotional, psychological and pastoral education.’ Both LEH and Hampton School are committed to ‘exploiting to the fullest advantage for the benefit of their pupils the tradition of co-operation’ which offers the best of both worlds, and ‘seeking and enhancing all areas of co-operation to the benefit of both schools.’

Pupils come from a broad catchment area extending through West and SW London. The coach service runs more than 23 routes.

LEH won the Independent Girls’ School of the Year in the 2021 ISOTY Awards.

Amazingly, 80% of the pupils here play a musical instrument, and the school maintains that high academic standards alone are not enough. There is also a huge range of pastoral care and more modern and progressive activities, including mindfulness training, an annual wellbeing day, and a therapy dog called Barney.

Lady Eleanor Holles Ranking & Results

Results here are very strong, even by the standards of London independent schools. 85% of GCSEs were graded A* in the most recent available data, and 87% of A levels were graded A*-A. 13% of leavers went to Oxford – just more than the 12% of leavers that went on to study Medicine.

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Lady Eleanor Holles Curriculum

In the first three years, LEH offers a ‘broad curriculum’ including traditional subjects like English, Modern and Ancient Languages, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Arts, and PE. Additionally, pupils receive lessons in Computing and Design Technologies, as well as creative subjects such as Art, Music and Drama.

At GCSE, students are able to create their own study programme. Students typically study ten subjects, including English, Mathematics and the Sciences as compulsory subjects. Then, choices can be made from a range of different areas, including humanities, languages, creative and technological subjects.

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What is the admission process at Lady Eleanor Holles?

For entry into Year 7, the assessment includes the Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Tests and the school’s own Problem-Solving paper. The ISEB Common Pre-Tests are computer-based tests covering Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Candidates can sit the exam at their own school or at LEH. After this, all candidates are invited to LEH to sit the Problem-Solving paper, which will last for approximately 1 hour and is designed to test linguistic and logic problem-solving. Additionally, reports or references are requested from the student’s current school. After this, students may be invited to interview.

What kind of questions are asked at interview at Lady Eleanor Holles?

What is your favourite subject?
What is your least favourite subject?
Are there any subjects that you find particularly difficult?
What new subjects are you most looking forward to being able to start?
Do you try to learn more about your favourite subjects, beyond what you do at school?

You buy a sweatshirt and a pair of shoes for £150. The shoes cost £100 more than the sweatshirt. How much does each item cost?
What do you get if you multiply a negative number by a negative number?
What do you get if you add 1+2+3+4, all the way up to 10?

Can you think of three adjectives that give a gloomy or depressing atmosphere, and then three that give a positive and bright atmosphere?
Do you know who Shakespeare was? Can you tell me about one of his plays?
Can you think of two different words that are spelled the same? For example, ‘tie’ can mean to knot something, or an item of clothing.

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